Festive Finds for the Holidays

Fend off flu with a homeopathic treatment, try a minty new soap, and make organic chocolates at home.
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Be good to your heart. Bragg Health Science Formulas BRAGGZYME SUPERIOR SYSTEMIC ENZYMES helps maintain normal fibrin levels to keep your cardiovascular system in top shape. How does it work? The powerful scientifically formulated, proprietary blend of fibrinolytic enzymes—nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain, papain, protease, and lipase—work synergistically to fight inflammation, a leading cause of cardiovascular ailments and many other common medical conditions. The all-natural vegetarian formula is free of animal derivatives, artificial colors, wheat, yeast, and sugars.
If you aren’t getting your nine servings of fruits and veggies per day, Nutrex PURE HAWAIIAN SPIRULINA PACIFICA can fill in those nutritional gaps. This all-natural, pure, superfood is chock-full of protein, beta-carotene, and essential vitamins and minerals. Just 3 grams of this concentrated green powerhouse boasts more antioxidants than five servings of fruits and vegetables!
A little red wine may make you feel fine, but if resveratrol is what you’re after, try Gaia Herbs RESVERATROL 150 LIQUID PHYTO-CAPS instead. Why? You’d need to drink 60 bottles of vino to get the same amount of resveratrol—a potent, heart-healthful antioxidant—that you can get in just two capsules! Each daily serving provides 150 milligrams of trans-resveratrol from sustainably harvested Japanese knotweed. The capsules are 100 percent vegetarian and contain no artificial ingredients, binders, or fillers.
Health insurance in a tablet! Vita Logic DAILY EXTRA 2-A-DAY is a highly concentrated daily multiple vitamin and mineral formula that will help you meet your nutritional goals and stay healthy all season long. This high-quality multi is formulated in a natural base of oat fiber, alfalfa, parsley, bee pollen, and royal jelly, and is free from artificial preservatives, colors, binders, and fillers. This product is also available in an iron-free formula.
Fighting the flu? Heel ENGYSTOL HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE can help you feel better faster. This doctor- recommended formula relieves various cold, flu, and sinus symptoms, including inflammation and painful joints. It works by stimulating your body’s natural immune responses to fight common colds, coughs, sore throats, and runny noses.
Perfect for your holiday latherings! Not only do ZUM MINT GOAT’S MILK SOAPS come in festive, bright red and green natural colors, they also contain 100 percent pure essential oils of peppermint and spearmint for a fantastic fragrance. Plus, they’re wrapped to look just like yummy holiday candies, making them a perfect gift or stocking stuffer. The base of all-natural goat’s milk offers a pH level nearly identical to your skin, and pure vegetable oils make these luxurious bars ultramoisturizing.
Weleda POMEGRANATE BODY LINE is formulated with antioxidant-rich, organic pomegranate seed oil to nourish and regenerate skin. The Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash inspires the senses with a rich foaming lather and fresh scent. It contains no synthetic detergents, so it’s nondrying. The Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream helps prevent age spots with a unique complex of antioxidants.
Zap your zits with Nelsons PURE & CLEAR PURIFYING CLEANSING WASH and ACNE TREATMENT GEL. Based on 150 years of skin care excellence, this homeopathic system works synergistically to cleanse and treat acne-prone skin with natural ingredients such as arnica and calendula. Both paraben-free products naturally and gently reduce swelling and redness, and promote healing without drying the skin.
Pamper your pup with Pal Dog ORGANIC SKIN CARE products. Calming Lavender Shampoo & Massage Bath and Lavender & Aloe Conditioner & Cream Rinse with herbal extracts and moisturizers make bath time less stressful. Soothing Spot Spray with calendula, aloe, and eucalyptus relieves itchy, allergy-prone coats. Coat Care & Massage Lotion detangles “ruff” fur and leaves your pet sweet-smelling and ready to cuddle. All products contain biodegradable, eco-friendly ingredients ideal for sensitive skin.
Get rain forest fresh with Alba Botanica RAINFOREST COLLECTION. Formulated with exotic, nourishing herbs and plants, such as açaí, andiroba, and cupuaçu, found naturally in the rain forest, the Body Care collection rejuvenates and hydrates skin and fights free radicals. Tiger nut extract promotes collagen production, so you can maintain a youthful, smooth glow. The Hair Care collection boasts high-quality ingredients, such as açaí, cupuaçu, and copaiba, to combat dryness, flaking, and other specific hair conditions. Both collections are Rainforest Alliance certified, so you can feel good knowing that all the ingredients are responsibly harvested to preserve the environment.
Crave Foods homemade and hand-wrapped CRAVE SAMOSAS come in six all-natural, yummy varieties, including Veggie, Cinnamon Sweet Potato, Feta Cheese & Spinach, Zesty Chicken, and Savory Beef. Three baked samosas have only about 100 calories— a fantastic lower-calorie way to enjoy this traditional Indian food.
Create your own raw, organic chocolate candies. Navitas Naturals ORGANIC SUPERFOOD CHOCOLATE KITS, with premium cocoa, come in Goldenberry, Cacao Nib, or Goji Berry. Also try the company’s CACAO POWER SWEET RAW CHOCOLATE NIBS and RAW CHOCOLATE POWDER.
The Republic of Tea CHOCOLATE TEAS combine antioxidant-rich tea and polyphenol-rich cocoa in one blissful cup. These heavenly “dessert teas” include Strawberry Chocolate, Double Dark Chocolate Maté, and Coconut Cocoa Tea. Also available are HOLIDAY 2009 TEAS (not shown): Dream by the Fire Tea, Hot Apple Cider Tea, Comfort and Joy Tea, and Tea of Good Tidings.
A pizza that really delivers—it’s fast, easy, and healthful. Pacific Natural Foods ALL-NATURAL FIRE-BAKED THIN CRUST ARTISAN FROZEN PIZZAS start with ingredients such as uncured pepperoni, fresh vegetables, and all-natural cheeses for delicious, authentic-tasting pizza that’s actually good for you.
Health King Balanceuticals: Stomach Peace: Discomfort-relieving, tranquilizing, and antitoxic properties to soothe the stomach, neutralize acidity, and pacify the digestive system. Lung & Bronchial `Pacifier: Expectorant, lung-nurturing, detoxifying, and natural-healing-promoting properties to pacify the lungs, resolves congestion. Uterus Care: Enhance excitability and tension of the uterus smooth muscles, promote regular contraction, and avoid excessive uterine bleeding.
Country Life Bone Solid: Bone Solid contains a unique, natural form of calcium and other minerals that your body will recognize as being closest to its own natural bone composition. This unique formula contains MCHA and patented food-form boron, FruiteX B, to support healthy bone structure, and vitamins K1, K2, and D3 to support nutrient utilization. Clinically shown to increase mineral utilization, strengthen bones, and support bone metabolism.
Essential Formulas Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics 12 PLUS: A unique, pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplement combining Japanese fermentation skills with advanced probiotic science. Vegan, non-GMO, and hypoallergenic. Restores and maintains healthful microflora in the GI tract. Supports the body’s own strains of lactic acid bacteria. Guaranteed free of soil-based organisms.
Sunsweet Naturals Organic D’Noir Prunes: The most super fruit, now kept perfect. Thanks to our exclusive D’Noir process, Sunsweet offers organically grown, preservative-free prunes that keep their full, plum flavor from the orchard all the way to your home. Naturally high in antioxidants and whole-food fiber, these prunes have no sulfites or added sugar.
Olympian Labs Pea Protein: Olympian Labs Pea Protein is concentrated to a 90 percent protein content and is highly soluble and easy to digest. Ideal for those who use protein supplements, it offers an excellent nutritional profile. It is free of gluten, lactose, cholesterol, and other anti-nutritional factors.
Nature’s SECRET Ultimate Cleanse: This amazing two-part total-body program is a leading cleansing formula, delicately balanced for detoxification and elimination. Ultimate Cleanse gently works through the digestive tract with the body’s own internal systems to cleanse, purify, and detoxify. This leading product in the cleansing category promotes healthy digestive function.

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