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75-Minute Holiday Meal
No time for a whole turkey? Try this simple-but-festive holiday menu

Eating for Immunity
8 immune-boosting snacks under 75 calories

Happy Halloween
Throw the perfect Halloween party with just 75 minutes prep

Eat Cheap
How to feed your family on just $75 a week

Sun Safety
Timely tips for the 75% of us who love the sun

Fit Forever
Interval training offers no pain and lots of gain (and weight loss) in just 75 minutes a week

Skinny Munchies
Sexy 75-calorie snacks for swimsuit season

Healthy Rewards
Better Nutrition reader Kathleen shares her inspiring story of recovery from chronic fatigue and celiac disease, plus gives tips on maintaining optimum health

No Bones About It
Meet a Better Nutrition reader who uses natural products to keep her bones strong and healthy

Grain of Truth
Stay healthy and trim, the wheat-free way

Allergy-Free Snack Attack
Tips for the safest back-to-school treats

The Diabesity Dilemma
Mark Hyman, MD, may have the solution to our biggest health problem

The Heart Truth
Sure, your doctor has talked to you about cholesterol and blood pressure, but what about the other causes of heart disease?

Made to Crave
Cravings are a mirror for your emotional state. Here's the secret to breaking free from an unhealthy relationship with food for good

It Takes Guts
If your gut is not working properly, you can't be healthy, says Steven Lamm, MD

Thriving vs. Surviving
Five to Thrive: Your Cutting-Edge Cancer Prevention Plan Explores the Difference

Positive Charge
Put the bounce back in your step with these energy-boosting tips

Putting the Squeeze on Cancer
Breakthrough research conducted by Isaac Eliaz, MD, shows that modified citrus pectin is a potent cancer fighter—and possibly the most exciting supplement to come along in ages

Detox the Easy Way
Freeing your body of unwanted toxins doesn't have to be a chore
Melting Away
Wellness expert Eric Berg dishes up the skinny on resistant fat

Vital Nutrition Basics
Earl Mindell, RPh, MH, PhD, has been described as the father of a nutritional revolution

Raising a Healthy Baby
Randall Neustaedter, OMD, LAc, CCH, and author of The Holistic Baby Guide , zeroes in on what's important

Learning from Cancer
Cancer expert Lise Alschuler shares keys to prevention—and hope

Body & Soul
Marianne Williamson, author of A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever , shares her wisdom about body and spirit

Savoring Sonoma
Connie Gutterson, RD, PhD, shares nutrition tips from California's wine country

Nigella Lawson: Queen of Comfort Food
Nigella Lawson talks with Better Nutrition about her inspiration, how to avoid holiday stress in the kitchen, and her new book, Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

Five Minutes with Donna Gates
Donna Gates, a Los Angeles-based nutritional consultant, lecturer, and author of The Body Ecology Diet , is an expert in helping people resolve candidiasis and other immune system disorders through a nutritional approach. Her book, which has sold more than 180,000 copies, and is now in its 10th edition, has evolved into a complete immunity-building system that includes incorporating specific medicinal foods into the diet and making lifestyle changes. Learn all about The Body Ecology system at bodyecology.com .

Spotlight on Breast Thermography
Lauren Feder, MD, offers advice for breast cancer screening as well as prevention.

Beyond the Lunch Pail
Rethinking school lunch.

Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! Sugar Addiction Quiz
A new book by Jacob Teitelbaum MD

Sweet Relief
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD explains how kicking the sugar habit can help us shed unwanted pounds and feel great

Eat More to Weigh Less
Christine Avanti, CN, shares how eating more can help us shed unwanted pounds.

Eat More, Lose More
Jackie Warner explains how hormones, sugar, and other factors affect weight.

Fire and Ice
John Gray, PhD, explains why hormonal balance for both genders is the key to health and happiness

Eating Green
Anna Lappé discusses the connection between climate and what’s on our plates

Naturally Hot!
Chris Kilham on how to boost libido and improve sexual health.

Inside-Out Nutrition
Health visionary and pioneer Ann Louise Gittleman talks about the basics of cleanses and detox programs.

Minding Your Health
Learn the secrets of optimum brain wellness from best-selling author Daniel G. Amen, MD

About the Columnist:
Tracy Rubert is the Managing Editor of Better Nutrition magazine. A California native, Tracy received her MFA from the University of Iowa, Iowa Writers' Workshop. She lives with her husband and dog Mojo in Long Beach. You can reach Tracy directly at trubert@aimmedia.com.