Healthy Solutions

The Cholesterol Myth, Part 2
Our top tips for avoiding heart disease

The Cholesterol Myth?
Why lowering cholesterol isn't nearly as important as you think

Putting An End To Pain
Natural ways to ease pain and stop inflammation

Capital D
Answers to your questions about this prominent vitamin

Deep Cleaning
Natural solutions for hepatitis C and liver health

Under Pressure
Combat hypertension naturally with these helpful foods and supplements

Vitamin D, Revisited
Low levels of vitamin D can affect everything from your mood to your ability to lose weight

Fresh Start Solutions
Are your New Year's resolutions already a thing of the past? Reinvigorate your body with these healthy habits, foods, and five essential supplements

Is Genetic Testing for You?
The new DNA diet breakthroughs

Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Diets: The Rematch
A new study was just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine testing a low-carb diet against a conventional low-fat one.

What Makes Flax Unique?
With all the deserved fuss around the two omega-3s found in fish oil (EPA and DHA), let's not forget that there's a third omega-3—ALA from flaxseeds.

Cholesterol: The Real Heart of the Matter
Cholesterol levels are a lousy predictor of heart disease

Antioxidants 101
There’s a theory called the free radical theory of aging that holds that oxidative damage is responsible for everything we associate...

Fish vs. Flax
All essential fatty acids are not created equal—get the inside scoop on the important differences between fish and flax oils.

The Truth About Bone Health
All the calcium in the world won’t help your bones if you have chronic inflammation—a hidden cause of osteoporosis

A Toast to Resveratrol
Why this magic compound may be the closest thing to an antiaging elixir

Break Out of Your Shell
Make the switch to coconut oil—you’ll love the taste and its amazing health benefits

Dealing with Diabetes
Try these diet and lifestyle changes to prevent and even reverse this devastating disease.

Longevity by Prevention
Here are some easy, natural strategies for living a long and healthy life.

About the Columnist:
Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition, and health. He is board-certified nutrition specialist, a life coach, motivational speaker, and former personal trainer with six national certifications. Bowden, who has a master's degree in psychology, is the author of The Healthiest Meals on Earth, The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth, 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, and other books. To learn more, visit