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Better Nutrition is somewhat of an anomaly in the publishing world. This year, it turns 75, a rare feat in any business—but especially in the magazine industry where titles come and go as quickly as diet fads. Incidentally, two magazines that have withstood the test of time are Scientific American (the oldest magazine in the United States) and Harper’s, premiering in 1845 and 1850, respectively.

The story of Better Nutrition begins with Jack Schwartz, who returned from the military with a business idea: He wanted to start a nutrition magazine. Schwartz saw an opportunity to fill a niche, and at the same time, satisfy his passion for health and nutrition. In fact, he loved helping friends and family find natural solutions to their health problems. And in 1938, the magazine you hold in your hands was born.

“It was a fantastic era,” says Frank Murray, author of 100 Super Supplements for a Longer Life and the editor of Better Nutrition for nearly 30 years. “We were on the forefront of bringing fantastic research on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and herbs to the public.” Some of Murray’s best memories include working with pioneers in nutritional medicine, including Adelle Davis, Linus Pauling, and Gayelord Hauser. As the editor for three decades, Murray had one overarching mission for Better Nutrition—to report on breakthroughs in nutritional science that were ba­sed on material from experts and medical journals. “We were discerning about what we put into the magazine—we thoroughly researched all of our articles and information.”

Better Nutrition is, and has always been, all about—educating health food store shoppers on the very latest in nutrition, supplements, and nontoxic personal care products, and also helping people discover natural, scientifically sound solutions for getting and staying healthy throughout life’s stages.


75th Anniversary

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