Feature Articles
Joint Health Alternatives
Give natural strategies a try for arthritis and you may not need drugs or surgery

Natural treatments and prevention strategies

Cooking with Herbs
Tips for beginners and seasoned chefs

Detox-Style Diet
Clean out, rev up, and feel great with these simple eating tips

Maple Caramel Apple Tart
Capture fall's best flavors with this Paleo-style treat (grain-free, very little dairy)

The Energy Doctor
How Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, used his own experiences to become the foremost expert in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Scatterbrained—or something more
Are you chronically late, always forgetting the grocery list, losing the car keys, or routinely disorganized? If so, you could be showing signs of adult ADHD

"C" for Yourself
For immunity, tissue repair, and more, this basic building block is the foundation for optimum health

Fat Facts
Everything you need to know about fats and oils
Immune to It All
Made from baker's yeast, EpiCor works in a unique way to boost immune function

Post-pregnancy Slim Down
Shedding excess baby pounds is a lot like losing weight at any time, but there are some important differences

Just Beet It
Brimming with nutrients, red and golden beets add sweet, complex flavors to any dish

Test Your Food Shopping Savvy
Take this quiz to see what you know—and what you don't—about making informed decisions when you shop

Crazy for Cupuaçu
This exotic ingredient from deep in the Amazon rainforest may hold the secret to healthier skin and hair

The Ketone Cure
A high-fat diet that offers hope for cancer patients

Take It Slow
The opposite of fast food, the Slow Food movement emphasizes a fresh, local, and sustainable approach to nutrition

Don't Sweat It!
Better Nutrition's Guide to Exercise

Beware the Calcium Myth
The real truth about bone health