Feature Articles
Beauty Foods
You can spend hundreds of dollars on pricey creams, lotions, and cosmetic procedures. But the fact is, good skin starts from within

Fast Times
Rid your body of toxins and boost energy with a simple juice fast

Hair Remedies for Men
Forget harsh chemicals and tricky transplants, and try these natural approaches to thinning hair

Better Nutrition Best of Natural Beauty Awards 2014
40+ of our favorite products this year, featuring an impressive blend of super pure — cutting-edge ingredients

The Vitamin C Cure
The hidden powers of vitamin C date back to 1935 and include treating kidney stones, chronic fatigue, and glaucoma

Meat-free Kids
Many teens seem to think that "vegetarian" means a steady diet of fries, chips, and soda. Here are easy ways to avoid that unhealthful trap

Fruit 'N' Spice Chili
This hearty, healthy, no-cook dish is a breeze to make—and tastes fantastic

Beauty Nectar
Honey&emdash;nature's wonder ingredient for skin and hair&emdash;is finding its way into everything from cleansers and creams to shampoos and hair conditioners

Dining Out, Allergy-free
Try these suggestions to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools for a safe, enjoyable, gluten-free, allergen-free restaurant experience
HA's Beauty Promise
What's the secret to having great-looking skin as you age? Many experts and beauty manufacturers agree—it's hyaluronic acid

Say yes to Vegan Cheese
You'll never miss the milk with these do-it-yourself artisan selections

Gallstones Healing Foods & Remedies
Is surgery always necessary? Maybe not, says Eric Berg, DC, who shares his natural plan for gallbladder health here

Magnesium: Why You Need More
Most of us don't get enough of this precious mineral from food, and a deficiency can lead to numerous health issues, from anxiety to diabetes. Here's how to use supplements

Non-GMO vs. Organic
Both are good ways to avoid GMOs, yet they have definable distinctions. Do You Know the Difference?

Gluten-free Flour Power
The easy and stress-free way to cook with gluten-free flours (plus, the best ones to use!)

Hit Your "Refresh" Button
It's never too late to start taking care of yourself. And it's easier than you think.

Nutritional Detective
While tracking down the causes of her son's symptoms, Dr. Susanne Bennett—author of The 7-Day Allergy Makeover—discovered a whole new prescription for healthy living. Download Dr. Bennett's Allergy/Sensitivity Symptom Checklist .

Sugar-free Superfoods
Hankering for a little something but don't want to cave into junk food? This light, protein-rich pudding—sugar-free and made with coconut, almond butter, cacao nibs, and chia seeds—hits the spot