Eat Smart

Just Beet It
Brimming with nutrients, red and golden beets add sweet, complex flavors to any dish

Take It Slow
The opposite of fast food, the Slow Food movement emphasizes a fresh, local, and sustainable approach to nutrition

Ancient Eating
Get back to basics with the Paleo Diet

Artisanal Delights
Hearty and delicious raw-milk cheeses

Diabetic-friendly Snacks
We're not talking bags of potato chips, candy bars, and nachos here. Instead, think small but delicious bites of basic foods that nourish and satisfy

Fruit 'N' Spice Chili
This hearty, healthy, no-cook dish is a breeze to make—and tastes fantastic

Gluten-free Flour Power
The easy and stress-free way to cook with gluten-free flours (plus, the best ones to use!)

The Other Red Meat
A staple of traditional Native American diets, bison is making a comeback in modern, healthy cuisine

Parsnips Take Root
Parsnips add variety and vitamins galore to any diet

How Sweet It Is!
From white to brown to turbinado: How to pick the best sugar for your holiday confections

Eating Seasonally
These Thanksgiving sides make the most of winter produce

Amazing Ancient Grains
Those trendy "new" grains at the market? Most of them have been around a lot longer than you think

A new study shows that organic produce isn't necessarily more nutritious than conventional fruits and veggies-but is that even important?

Give It a Whirl
Juicing is a refreshing way to make the most of summer produce—here's how to do it right

Best Dairy-Free Milks
Say goodbye to cow's milk with these healthy alternatives

This ancient grain is making a modern comeback

Dried Fruit
Forget new—fangled methods like freezing, pickling, salting, or vacuum packing. Drying fruit was the earliest form of food preservation—and it still works great today

On the Menu: Omega-3s
A delicious serving of healthy fats will not only please your taste buds, but also keep your heart and mind happy

Sidestep Winter Weight Gain
A few tweaks to your diet and exercise plan can pay off big when it comes to staying slim over the holidays and throughout winter
Chicken and The Egg
When it comes to healthful poultry, which came first isn't the only question that matters

Melon Marvel
Just 1 cup of cantaloupe provides a full serving of vitamin A and close to a serving of vitamin C. Enjoy this sweet summer fruit with our recipes for Cantaloupe & Watermelon Salad and Cantaloupe Salsa

Fresh Picked
Top tips for finding the best-tasting produce possible

Healthy Vegan
Optimizing proteins in a vegan diet

Turnip Temptation
This humble root vegetable boasts surprising health benefits

Gratifying Greens
These traditional favorites provide a healthy start to the New Year

Safe Celebration
Really good tips for a happy, healthy holiday

Through the Grapevine
The ins and outs of organic wines

Lentil Lore
This ancient legume deserves a prominent place in modern kitchens

Bran Management
The whole truth about whole grains

Berried Treasure
Packed with antioxidants and bursting with flavor, berries are a wholesome summertime treat

Healing Herbs
Ginger and lemongrass add zest to your meals and a boost to your health

The Best Olive Oil
Just how virgin is your olive oil? Here are some tips for buying only the purest oils out there.

Talking Turkey
Make any day a holiday with a healthy and tasty turkey dish

Crush on Garlic
Our recipes for Barley Vegetable Soup with Garlic, and Classic Garlic Mashed Potatoes are ultimate comfort food, not to mention powerful medicine

The Cream of the Crop
What you want (and don't want) in your yogurt

Souper Cauliflower
Upright stalks of broccoli get to dine with prime steaks, and common cabbage is considered indispensable with corned beef on St. Patty's Day, but where is the love for their lumpy white sibling?

Green Beans
After flipping through a book of favorite fairy tales, I think I can safely surmise that Jack's initial experience with the beanstalk was less than optimal.

A Great Catch
Mild, delicious, and nutritious, learn why halibut makes a perfect summer meal.

About the Columnist:
Neil Zevnik is a private chef based in Los Angeles who is devoted to the proposition that “healthy” doesn’t have to mean “ho-hum”. His client list includes the famous and the not-so, among them Elizabeth Taylor, Pierce Brosnan, and the owners of the L.A. Dodgers. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, has been profiled in People magazine and the Los Angeles Times. On weekends, he takes great pleasure in being a marine mammal rescue volunteer. His passionate (some would say obsessive) hobby is collecting vintage costume jewelry, and he has possibly one of the largest and most wide-ranging collections in the country. He resides in Burbank, where he tends to an extensive organic garden and hangs out with his faithful pound-pup Jane. Visit him online at