Off the Shelf

Heart-Healthy Eating
10 surprising health foods to save your ticker

Gluten-Free Breads
How to give up gluten without letting go of breads, rolls, bagels and more

Just Desserts
We all scream for organic ice cream

Cookout Essentials
Seven steps for easy outdoor entertaining

Fair Trade Finds
Celebrate World Fair Trade Day (May 12) by making a commitment to focus on fair trade products like coffee, tea, and spices

Hot Tea
What's new in the world of this timeless beverage

Hot Buys!
Fresh spring picks

Deep Powder
The best in cocoa beverages

Naturally Lite
Packaged goods with less

Basket Case
DIY holiday gift collections that blend food and beauty

Meatless Marvels
15 delicious animal-free finds

Raising the Bar
Our picks for some of the tastiest gluten-free nutrition bars

The Best Natural and Organic Products from Health Food Stores

Soft(er) Drinks
Quench your summer thirst with natural sodas

Fiesta Favorites
Olé! From gluten-free tortillas to organic salsas, here are some fantastic foods for Cinco de Mayo

Coo-Coo for Coconut
There's plenty to like about this tropical treat

Think Outside the Candy Box
This Valentine's Day, give your sweetheart these sweet alternatives to candy

Brew Buzz
Spilling the beans about your favorite cuppa Joe

Spread the News
All the details on jelly, jams, fruit spreads, and more. Also see our product picks and tips for great holiday gifts and entertaining.
Oil Change
Stock your kitchen with these five essential oils, and watch your cooking go from so-so to spectacular.

Water, Water—Everywhere
Drinking water’s not as simple as it used to be

Instant International
Here’s how to find the best of easy global cuisine in your local natural food store

Get Sauced!
Try these savory selections to transform any dish

The “Grate” Guide to Cheese
All you need to navigate the yummy world of cheese

Pasta Perfection
You just might lose your noodle over these pasta picks—from organic and whole-grain to gluten-free.

29 Food Finds for Kids
We have the cure for the back-to-school blues—kid-friendly, nutritious foods you can buy at health food stores.

Get the Scoop
Here’s a sweet account of everyone’s favorite dessert—ice cream.

Just the Flax
Discover delicious flax products--and get the most from flaxseeds and oils.

Breakfast is Served
Not conscious before your first cuppa joe? Here are some tips for making nutritious, no-brainer breakfasts.

Tea Time
For health--and sheer pleasure--there's nothing like a cozy cup of this revered brew.

About the Columnist:
Lisa Turner has been researching and writing about nutrition, and cooking great natural meals, for almost 20 years. She’s the author of five books on food and nutrition, including Mostly Macro and Meals That Heal, and writes monthly food columns for national magazines. She has appeared on national and local television and radio shows, taught cooking classes at Whole Foods Market and Cooking School of the Rockies, and has lectured across the United States on food, health and nutrition. Lisa has degrees in natural healing, shiatsu and acupressure, has studied macrobiotics extensively, and has been a traveling chef with The Kushi Institute. She is also a certified yoga instructor and Shiatsu practitioner, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. Visit her online at, where you can email her and learn more about her work.