World's Healthiest Foods

Festive Spirits
Celebrate the season in style with this antioxidant-packed cocktail

Miso Magic
Perfected in Japan in the 7th century, this fermented soy food continues to be prized for its anti-aging benefits. And it makes a versatile base for soups and marinades

Fabulous "Flaxjacks"
Spice up your breakfast with this grain-free take on traditional pancakes

Five-star Salad
Savor sushi restaurant flavors at home while also giving your body a weight-loss boost

Salad Wraps for Summer
These tasty bites are the perfect light summer fare—and they hardly take any time to make

Dreamy Delight
This creamy concoction is bursting with age-defying ingredients

Easy Mediterranean
Olives, feta cheese, and artichoke hearts lend a fresh Mediterranean flare to this satisfying chicken bake

Belle of the Balls
Free of sugar, grains, and dairy, our allergy-friendly Cocoa-Nut Truffle Balls are the perfect sweet treat for Valentine's Day—or any day

Chilly Weather Chili Bake
There's nothing like a hearty bowl of chili when the winter winds blow—unless it's our healthy baked version

Talkin' Turkey
Simplify without sacrificing taste with this one-pot turkey and cranberry feast

Sweet Holiday Treat
As a side dish or dessert, the garnet yam is a nutritious seasonal treat

Lighten Up Oktoberfest!
Our healthy take on a classic German autumn dish

Sufferin' Succotash
Our healthful new twist on a classic late-summer/early fall favorite

Savory Cedar Salmon
Get all of the health benefits of fatty fish in this delicious dish

Why sea vegetables, a concentrated source of minerals, are making waves

Cherry Love
The fruit favorite makes ideal nutrient-packed treat

Counting Sheep
Don't overlook lamb on your hunt for lean sources of protein

Green Gold
For a quick dose of super nutrition, nothing beats this hybrid smoothie

Luscious Lamburgers
Tired of old-fashioned burgers and dogs? Give these succulent treats a try

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