Inside & Out

Topical Trend
Consumer demand has led to the growth of gluten-free personal care products

The Enzyme Factor
Digestive problems got you down? An enzyme boost may be just what you need

No Sweat
Beat the summer heat with all-natural antiperspirants and deodorants

Beauty At Your Fingertips
Natural secrets to strong, beautiful nails

Reclaim Healthy Hair
Is your hair starving? Give it the nutrients it craves

Looking Good
Maximize your eye health and vision with nutritional strategies

Good Bacteria for Better Skin
Bacteria—while the mere thought of it may make your skin crawl, it just might be the hottest new ingredient in skin care

Winterize Your Skin
Relieve chapped, itchy skin from without and within

Happy Feet
If you're a gym rat like me, you're no doubt familiar with the perils of the locker room.

Ending Eczema
Eczema is a group of skin conditions that affects an estimated 15 million Americans

Troubleshoot Troubled Skin
Natural strategies for zapping zits and healing skin.

Secrets of Sea Buckthorn
Learn why this natural supplement is great for skin, heart health, and more

Tahitian Beauty Oil
The Polynesian secret is out—how tamanu oil combats acne, dry skin, and scarring

Coffee Berry's Beauty Perks
Give your complexion a boost with this powerful little fruit that may even fight fibromyalgia.

Get Your Grape On!
Boost sagging skin and fight varicose veins with this natural supplement.

EFAs—Give Your Skin an Oil Change
Boost mood—and sagging skin— with essential fatty acids.

Essential Oregano
The oil from this pungent herb is powerful medicine for treating toenail fungus, parasites, and yeast infections.

All About Olive Leaf
Clear up acne-prone skin, alleviate eczema, and benefit your heart in multiple ways with olive leaf extract, a potent medicinal herb.

Beauty Buzz
Discover what the moisturizing, antiaging benefits of honey can do for your skin.

About the Columnist:
Kim Erickson is a Las Vegas-based health and beauty writer based and the author of Drop Dead Gorgeous: Protecting Yourself from the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics. She is also the owner of Kim Erickson’s Everyday Organics—a natural skin care company that targets the causes of premature aging. Erickson has been featured in numerous publications and most recently in the documentary America the Beautiful. You can e-mail your health and beauty questions to her through her web site at Kim would love to hear from you!