Living Beauty

Inside-Out Beauty Baskets
Wow friends and family with these amazing healthy holiday gift collections.

Don't Hurt Yourself for Beauty's Sake
Years back, I was the makeup artist for a photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar, and the subject was a pregnant famous New York City beauty icon.

Omega 3s and Beauty
Fish oil is unquestionable proof that real “magic bullets” sometimes do exist.

Natural Glow
Natural makeover using makeup artist techniques

ReDo You 2010 Contest Winner
Janet Hunter from Texas! After suffering a heart attack a year ago, this Better Nutrition reader transformed her health and body by changing the way she eats. Click her for receive Kat James' "life-saving" make-ahead lunch recipes .

Janet's "Life-Saving" Make-Ahead Lunches
Janet Hunter from Texas was the winner of your Redo You 2010 Contest! After suffering a heart attack less than two years ago, this Better Nutrition reader transformed her health and body by changing the way she eats.

Redo YOU! 2010 Contest
An update on Kat’s 10 Biggest Gainers

The Biggest Gainers!
Our makeover contestants are on the path to true health gains. Here's a quick peek at their food plan.

Overcoming Anorexia and Bulimia
Discover one woman’s inspiring story of trading suffering for true satiety.

The Biggest Gainers, Part 2
Last month, Kat shared the story of a woman who gained health by letting go of outdated notions about food. Here, Kat tells how you can let go of a self-destructive, restrictive relationship with food.

The Biggest Gainer
Learn why calorie restriction and weight loss can’t hold a candle to nutrient indulgence and health gain.

Six Firsts in Natural Beauty
This month, Kat shares six of her favorite products on the cutting edge of natural beauty.

True Romance
Make your Valentine's Day sweeter by adopting a healthful sugar-free lifestyle. The benefits include better health and better, more meaningful connections with the ones you love.

A Mother-Daughter Makeover Story
Our Redo YOU! '09 Contest winners are a busy family of four whose transformation may inspire you and your family to make healthy changes in 2009.

About the Columnist:
Kat James is the author of The Truth About Beauty, recently completely updated. James transformed her own body and skin after a 12-year eating and liver disorder nearly took her life. James has been featured on the Today show, MSNBC, PBS, and in numerous national magazines. To learn about her Total Transformation program, or about her new syndicated radio show, visit, where you can also e-mail her questions.