Natural Beauty

Crazy for Cupuaçu
This exotic ingredient from deep in the Amazon rainforest may hold the secret to healthier skin and hair

Green Giant
Out of the cup and into beauty products, green tea's topical benefits rival its health advantages

Age-defying Argan Oil
This ultra-rare oil boasts huge restorative and youth-boosting benefits

Sea Buckthorn Berry
This tiny berry that thrives in the harsh, high altitude of the Tibetan Himalayas has the power to revitalize and protect skin, hair, and nails

Beauty Nectar
Honey&emdash;nature's wonder ingredient for skin and hair&emdash;is finding its way into everything from cleansers and creams to shampoos and hair conditioners

HA's Beauty Promise
What's the secret to having great-looking skin as you age? Many experts and beauty manufacturers agreeā€”it's hyaluronic acid

Sweet Surprise
Best known as an all-natural sweetener, xylitol is also a powerful ingredient in the fight against tooth decay

All Buttered Up
Shea butter boasts exceptional hydrating properties that nourish and heal skin and hair

Gorgeous Gifts
Spread joy and goodwill with gifts of beauty that are sure to delight everyone on your shopping list

Relax and Refresh
Rejuvenating masks, purifying clays, and healing baths make for the perfect do-it-yourself spa day

Hair Repair
How to heal damaged tresses and restore your hair's natural beauty

Wrinkle Resistant
Peptides, which help relax deep lines and wrinkles, are one of the most promising discoveries in the quest for younger-looking skin

Nail Nourishment
Pamper your hands and feet with a natural mani/pedi

No Sweat
You really can beat the summer heat without harsh chemicals. Try these hard-working natural deodorants and simple tips for staying dry

Beauty Food
Supplements can help you get gorgeous hair, skin, and nails from the inside out

Cellular Secrets
Stem cells from a rare Swiss apple and a hearty mountain rose can bring new life to aging skin

Skin Soothers
Herbal relief for acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more

Super Serums
Go beyond moisturizers with beauty serums for brighter, radiant skin

Oil Your Skin From Within
Healthy fats are nature's moisturizers
Skin Care Basics
Cut through the clutter and find a natural regimen that's just right for you

A Beautiful Find
'Tis the season to delight everyone on your list with the gift of natural beauty

Pumpkin Power
More than just a Halloween decoration or holiday pie filler, this superfruit is also a key ingredient in natural skin care products

Healthy Hair
Treat your tresses right with nourishing natural products

Something New Under The Sun
Sunscreens have evolved. Here's how to find one with safe ingredients and powerful protection

Healthy Glow
Natural cosmetics are free of toxic ingredients and perfect for creating a fresh, dewy look this summer

Gorgeous Gams
Natural strategies for beautiful legs, from the inside and out

Anti-Aging Skin Secrets
Turn to Mother Nature for help fighting Father Time.

Pure Flower Power
Discover how to boost your mood, increase energy, and ease any number of ails with flower essences and aromatherapy

Youth Boosts
You don't need to go to a spa, salon, or doctor's office to turn back the hands of time-you just need a few really good products

Bathing Beauty
Natural bath salts and soaks offer more than just relaxation

Radiant Oils
Natural nourishment for hair, skin, and nails

Stocking Stars
Spread joy and goodwill this holiday season with festive gifts of beauty

Skin Soothers
Our three-tiered program to conquer dry skin

Smile Savers
Keep teeth and gums healthy the natural way

Delicate Situation
Harsh chemicals are no way to treat sensitive skin

Perfect Pedi
Happy feet are a key to good health

Your Antioxidant Arsenal
Make sure these free-radical fighters are in your skin care products to fight signs of aging

Spotless Skin
Seeing (age) spots on your face and hands? Get real results naturally and safely

About the Columnist:
Beauty Editor Sherrie Strausfogel is the author of Hawaii's Spa Experience: Rejuvenating Secrets of the Islands (the first book to feature aromatherapy in its pages). Writing about beauty, spas, health, cuisine and travel, her work has appeared in more than 100 magazines, newspapers, guidebooks and Web sites, such as Elite Traveler, Gourmet, Health, Los Angeles Times, Men's Fitness, Shape, Spa, USA Today, and Westways. Based in Honolulu, Strausfogel is a world-traveler and spa devotee who has traveled to more than 50 countries and visited many of the leading spas in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia.