The Weight Is Over
by Nicole Brechka
New products can help you lose weight, improve metabolism, and even boost mood. Below are five formulas that caught our attention for their promising weight-loss ingredients.

ReBody Hunger Caps with Satiereal Saffron Extract

What's in it: Satiereal Saffron Extract (from the spice saffron).

How it works: Research shows that Satiereal Saffron Extract helps control appetite, increase fullness, and decrease the urge to snack, especially on sugary, starchy foods. Saffron has also been shown to help boost mood and can be used to help lift depression.

Misc. notes: This formula is non-GMO. Take 1 vegetarian capsule before morning and evening meals. Use for at least eight weeks for best results.


Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone 1234

What's in it: Raspberry ketones, African mango extract, green tea extract, resveratrol, açai, caffeine, apple cider vinegar, kelp, and grapefruit.

How it works: While there's not much research on raspberry ketones (see sidebar), they may help increase fat burning. African mango, green tea, and other natural ingredients help stave off hunger pangs and promote blood sugar balance.

Misc. notes: Take 2 capsules per day with a lot of water. This product also comes with a diet plan that—when combined with the supplement—can help you lose 1 lb. per day.


Emerald Laboratories Weight Loss Health

What's in it: A proprietary form of Irvingia gabonensis (African mango extract), decaffeinated green tea extract, and a raw whole-foods blend that includes alfalfa, probiotics, açai, and enzymes.

How it works: African mango and green tea help reduce appetite and increase metabolism. African mango is also thought to help reduce inflammation.

Misc. notes: Take 2 capsules daily with or before a meal. This raw, whole—foods based formula is 100 percent free of additives, including magnesium stearate. It's also vegan and gluten free.


Rainbow Light ThinBerry Satiety

What's in it: Green coffee bean extract, Slendesta Potato Extract, Proteinase Inhibitor II, green tea leaf extract, chromium, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, ashwagandha root, and açai berry juice powder.

How it works: Slendesta and Proteinase Inhibitor II have been shownto increase CCK, a hormone that helps suppress appetite. They work with other ingredients to control appetite and boost fat burning.

Misc. notes: Take 1—2 capsules 30minutes before lunch and dinner. All extracts are identity-verified and purity-tested for optimal efficacy and safety.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are the natural compounds responsible for giving raspberries their distinctive scent. They've been used for years to add a raspberry taste and scent to beverages and cosmetics. And now, research shows that they may work as natural weight- loss aids.

The only studies done so far have involved rodents. Scientists found that mice given raspberry ketones had improved fat burning and did not gain weight. While results are encouraging, more research is needed.

Since raspberry ketones are a natural substance with no known side effects, raspberry ketone supplements are a worthwhile option for anyone looking to lose weight. Many formulas on the market combine them with other fat-burning and appetite-reducing nutrients.

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