Gobble, Gobble!

Give thanks for all that leftover turkey with these fast and fabulous recipes.

The fragrant aroma of roasting turkey is a welcome scent on Thanksgiving. But what do you do with the rest of that bird after turkey sandwiches have lost their appeal? A few quick tips can add life to leftovers long after the feast.

First, keep it simple. Some chefs may enjoy making stock out of a leftover turkey carcass, but most of us want to keep kitchen time to a minimum. Next, think color—deep-green spinach or broccoli, brilliant orange squash or sweet potatoes, bright red or green peppers, and other vibrant veggies lend a fresh look and flavor to leftovers. And don’t skimp on the spices! Seasonings such as pungent ginger and garlic—or even spicy chili peppers—add even more variety. Or, just try these three fast-and-fabulous recipes that will get you through Thanksgiving weekend—and the rest of that bird—with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment.

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