Celebrating 80 Years

Better Nutrition in the 1980s, Part 2

2018 marks Better Nutrition’s 80th year in print. Travel through time with us as we highlight popular diet and food trends by decade. In the spotlight this month: Bran.

Better Nutrition celebrating 80 years.

Bran muffins. Bran cereal. Wheat germ. Whole grains, and high-fiber diets. Remember Melba Toast, Grape Nuts, and All-Bran? In the ’80s, especially in Better Nutrition, whole grains reigned supreme. If you were into health food, you were into bran. Articles in the magazine throughout the decade extolled the health virtues of eating more whole grains.

In the later part of the ’80s and into the early ’90s, the fat-free craze owned the diet and weight-loss market. Whole grains fit the bill perfectly, as most have little to no fat. Check back next month as we go deeper into the misguided and often wacky no-fat diet.

As an interesting side note, 1980s issues of Better Nutrition covered a mix of diet philosophies. While whole grains were the principal focus, we found articles that were ahead of their time, including pieces on a “hunter-gatherer” diet (i.e., the Paleo diet) and celiac disease (almost unheard of back then). 

8 Vitamins & Supplements that were popular in the ’80s 

  1. B-complex vitamins
  2. Bee pollen
  3. Brewer’s yeast
  4. Lecithin
  5. Magnesium
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Weight-loss protein powders
  8. Zinc

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The Story of Better Nutrition 

Better Nutrition was founded by Jack Schwartz in 1938. Schwartz returned from the military with a business idea—start a magazine about nutrition. He loved helping friends and family find natural solutions to health problems, and he figured others would be interested in this too. He saw an opportunity to fill a niche and, at the same time, satisfy his passion for health and nutrition. And just like that, Better Nutrition magazine was born. Fall back in time with us this year as we revisit popular trends in nutrition, vitamins, recipes, and more with this limited-edition section.

80 Years of Better Nutrition: