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Essential for Energy

CoQ10, an energizing nutrient that declines with age, is proving to be a wonder supplement for everything from heart to skin health

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Age isn’t the only thing that wrinkled skin and ailing hearts have in common. Both conditions benefit from coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a nutrient that is a strong antioxidant and an essential ingredient for energy production in every cell.

Mitochondria, components of cells that are often described as “furnaces”-because they generate energy-require CoQ10 as fuel to perform their job. These microscopic furnaces are most concentrated in the brain and heart and are also responsible for energy production in all our muscles.

Not surprisingly, a shortfall of CoQ10, which occurs naturally with age, leads to lower levels of energy and can impair heart and brain function. In contrast, getting sufficient amounts of CoQ10 can produce seemingly miraculous improvements and increase overall energy.

When used topically on skin, CoQ10 has been shown to reduce wrinkles and protect against sun damage, likely because it is also a
powerful antioxidant. Taken as an antioxidant internally, it may protect against breast cancer.

How CoQ10 Supplements Can Help You

During the past 25 years, studies have found that CoQ10 delivers many benefits. For example, it improves the ability to function among people with heart failure and other heart conditions; reduces chest pains due to obstructed arteries (angina); helps to lower unhealthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol; reduces the risk of a second heart attack; improves the health of diabetics; helps to prevent heart damage from chemotherapy or surgery; may slow down progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases; helps to strengthen the immune system; improves male fertility; reduces the frequency of migraines; helps to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome; fights gum disease; slows progression of breast cancer tumors; enhances overall energy and health; can reverse symptoms triggered by statins, and seems to delay the aging process.

CoQ10 in Food

To get 30 mg of CoQ10, you would need to eat 1 pound of sardines, 2 pounds of beef, or 2.4 pounds of peanuts.

recent studies include:

  • A study of 236 elderly patients with chronic heart failure found that blood levels of CoQ10 are a separate and reliable predictor of survival in such patients. In the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, those with the highest levels of the nutrient lived longest.
  • A review of research relating to skin aging, published in Collegium Antropologicum found that CoQ10 protects skin topically against sun and environmental damage and slows the aging process.
  • A 24-week study of 186 men with early but chronic Peyronie’s disease, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, found that 300 mg of CoQ10 daily reduced penile curvature and improved erectile function.

Go Shopping!

Naturally Vitamins CoQ10 Effervescent Drink Tabs are made with a patented form of CoQ10 that mixes with water instantly for a fizzy, refreshing boost
of heart health. It’s gentle on the stomach and offers quick absorption.

Good ‘N Natural CoQ10 + Cinnamon offers two heart-healthy ingredients in one supplement. CoQ10 provides antioxidants and cellular energy, while cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and circulation.

Wakunaga/Kyolic CoQ10 Formula 110 provides all the heart-healthy power of CoQ10 combined with aged garlic for healthy cholesterol levels, immunity, stress response, and more.