The Microbiome Diet


Microbiome-it's one of the top buzzwords in natural health circles right now. But you might be wondering just what, exactly, it is. Raphael Kellman, MD, delves into the topic in his new book, The Microbiome Diet. The author, who is an internist and natural health pioneer, excels at turning complex science into easy-to-understand, reader-friendly information.


What is the microbiome? 

Essentially, the term encompasses trillions of tiny microbes that live within your intestines and have an intimate connection to your health. When your microbiome is healthy, so are you. But if it's out of balance, you feel it-sugar cravings, an inability to lose weight, depression, and weight gain are just some of the symptoms. Your metabolism, hormones, and cravings are all drastically affected by the state of your microbiome.

Kellman's book tells how to restore gut health through diet, lifestyle changes, and supplement use. Several recipes are included, as well as pantry and shopping lists. Probiotic supplements are a big part of the plan, as these friendly bacteria are crucial for achieving a healthy microbiome. By cultivating a symbiotic and harmonious relationship with your microbiome, says Kellman, you will reap tremendous health benefits-one of them being permanent weight loss.


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