De-Stress with this yoga pose

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If anyone knows what it’s like to manage stress, it’s Danielle Cuccio, CEO and founder of Cuccio Somatology (a healthy living brand pecializing in yoga products). She runs her own health blog (, teaches 10 classes a week, and is planning her own wedding. “My go-to pose to decompress is the ‘Cuccio No. 4 Pose’ (so named because the pose looks like the number 4),” says Cuccio. “Hip openers like this can be great right before bed to release stress that you hold onto all day long in your hips,” says Cuccio. “If you are seated at a desk all day or if you have a more physical job with a ton of walking, this pose can help open up your hips and feels just amazing after a long day of work. I sometimes hold the pose up to 2 minutes on each side.” —Ann Nix