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Homeopathy for Adult Acne

Homeopathy can help calm acne eruptions and prevent new breakouts.

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Acne manifests where we like it least—on the face, chest, or back, most often. Depending on its severity, this chronic condition can take the form of just a few pimples or leave skin scarred and pocked. Homeopathy can help.

The key to treatment is to match the characteristics of your acne to the remedy. Do you have the type of acne that stings? Is it symmetrical? Is it helped by hot compresses? Jacquelyn Wilson, MD, DHt, advises matching at least three characteristics of your acne to those of the remedy for a stable treatment.

Acne Symptom Guide

Here are a few common remedies and their indications. Match your acne type to the remedy right for you. You may also find them in combination formulas that address crossover symptoms, and may also include homeopathics with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, or astringent properties such as Calcarea sulfurica, Solidago virgaurea, and Hydrastis canadensis.

  • Belladonna Use for red-hot facial skin, a scarlet rash, suddenly spreading acne lesions, alternate redness and dullness of skin, and pustular (small, elevated, filled with pus) eruptions on the skin.
  • Dulcamara Try this if you experience “damp” eruptions on your face, acne lesions that itch, vesicular (outer layer of skin enclosing a watery, liquid blister) eruptions, or small boils spread uniformly across your face or forehead.
  • Arnica Excellent for painful acne with a sore, bruised feeling in your skin; a sunken, red face with the feeling of heat on your lips; itchy, burning pimples; or lesions occurring in crops—one heals, a new eruption rises near it.
  • Calcarea sulph Good for a suppurative tendency (leaking pus); pustular, jagged eruptions oozing yellow mucus; facial pimples; skin with yellowing scabs; many small pimples under the hair that bleed when scratched; lesions that heal slowly; pimples around the ears; and the tendency to bleed on scratching.
  • Sulphur Use this if your symptoms include sore, inflamed eruptions; reddish or dirty-looking skin; or itching that becomes worse from scratching or from heat.

Dosage Guidelines

“In acne, where self-treatment is appropriate,” says Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, DN-C, RH, president of the American Herbalists Guild, “low potency oral remedies (6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C) are used. Use the remedy several times per day until the acne begins to respond, then reduce the dose frequency if the acne continues to respond.” Homeopathics are regulated by the FDA and have equal status with allopathic drugs, so you can buy them over the counter without worry.

Good Buys

NATRABIO Acne Relief quick-dissolve tablets help treat existing pimples and prevent new breakouts with belladonna and other homeopathic remedies.

HYLAND’S ClearAc tablets blend homeopathics including sulphur to help clear blemishes and blackheads.

VÄXA INTERNATIONAL Clearin helps to eliminate toxins, scavenge free radicals, and balance pH for naturally clear skin. Calcarea sulph and other remedies make up this formula.