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Avert vacation saboteurs like illness and fatigue with the help of these travel-friendly natural products.
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Avert vacation saboteurs like illness and fatigue with the help of these travel-friendly natural products.


Lumina Health Cell Food

This proprietary mineral concentrate formulation naturally provides high levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping to support overall improved energy, endurance, and health.

Lumina Health Cell Food

Good For If long flights or extreme travel adventures leave you with flagging energy, a few drops can help revive and re-energize you.

How to Use Adults: take 8 drops in 8 oz. purified water or juice, three times per day. Children: use 1/4 to 1/2 of the adult dose. Best taken at least 15 min. before meals or 45 min. after. You may mix 1 day’s amount in a water bottle and drink when desired. No refrigeration is required.

Vitalah Oxylent Blkberry Pomegranate

Vitalah Oxylent in Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate

A tasty multivitamin drink mix with SOD and catalase, electrolytes, L-arginine, and a range of B vitamins, antioxidants, and CoQ10.

Good For Long periods of sitting during travel, and the stale air of airplane cabins or other enclosed spaces can compromise circulation, dehydrate you, and leave you feeling fatigued. This convenient mix instantly oxygenates your skin, promotes healthy circulation, and gets you going again.

How to Use Pour contents into 4-8 oz. of water to taste. Adults: 1 packet daily, or 2 when traveling or exercising. Consult a doctor before taking if pregnant or nursing. Children over 5: 1/2 packet daily.

Beveri Immunity Boost Sticks

Beveri Nutrition Immunity Boost Sticks in Tangerine

Contains lactoferrin, a natural protein clinically proven to strengthen your immune system. Lactoferrin occurs naturally in the body as part of your immune defenses. The lactoferrin in Beveri Immunity Boost is sourced from whey protein and is lactose free.

Good For Travel not only exposes you to new germs, but can leave you exhausted and weaken your immune defenses. Don’t risk getting sick on your long-awaited vacation with these handy stick packs in tasty tangerine.

How to Use Mix with water. Take one stick pack per day.

Clean Well Hand Sanitizer OrgVan

Clean Well Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer in Orange Vanilla

A patented formulation of essential plant oils kills 99.99% of germs naturally. The long-lasting spray formula is alcohol free and kid-safe.

Good For Take it on the road with you for a safe way to protect against a myriad of travel-related germs.

How to Use Apply 1-2 sprays on hands. Rub thoroughly until dry.

Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep

Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep

Contains the amino acid 5-HTP to help you fall asleep faster and reduce nighttime waking; melatonin, ideal for jet lag and insomnia; and L-theanine (a stress reliever found in green tea).

Good For Changing time zones and travel stress can keep you from getting your zzz’s. This synergistic combination works naturally so you can sleep soundly and awake with energy.

How to Use Chew 2 tablets, 30-45 minutes before bedtime or as directed by a health professional.

Ideal Travel Bottle

Don’t be without the Camelbak BPA-Free Better Bottle this summer. It goes anywhere with a handle that easily clips to a carabiner or can be carried in the crook of a finger. The cap fits most other bottles, and the bottle attaches to most water filters and fits most cup holders—perfect for road trips. Plus, it’s spill-proof, even if it’s left in the open position.




Traveling can tax your body, especially as you get older. But a few natural secrets can keep you energized, healthy, and ready for new adventures.