Easy Mac-n-Cheese

A quick-and-easy take on a comfort-food classic.
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Think making mac-n-cheese from scratch is a chore? Get outside the box with this delicious recipe that comes together almost as quickly as that processed, prepackaged stuff.

Mac-imize Your Mac-n-Cheese

  • Turn any bowl of mac-n-cheese into a meal with veg-friendly add-ins:
  • Vegetarian chili*-pour over the top for a quick and comforting dinner.
  • Meatless sausage-slice and add after the mac-n-cheese is done cooking.
  • Meatless meatballs-serve alongside mac-n-cheese or mix together before serving.
  • Soy bacon-crumble and add right before serving.
  • Vegan tuna-add a can of Vegan Toona for a tuna melt-style dish.

*Online Exclusive!

See our Vegetarian Chili recipe. It goes perfectly with Easy Mac-n-Cheese.

Photography: Pornchai Mittongtare:
Food Styling: Claire Stancer; Prop Styling: Robin Turk


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