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"Fall"-ing In Love

Warm up your autumn with these hot new products.

Pumpkin Puffins Are Here!

Barbara's Pumpkin Puffins, Limited Edition, are a seasonal-flavored cereal available in select health food stores nationwide for a limited time. These crunchy corn pillows include real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices-perfect for a crisp autumn morning. And as with all Puffins (e.g., Peanut Butter Puffins, Cinnamon Puffins), Pumpkin Puffins contain prebiotic dietary fiber for optimal digestion. Plus they're dairy-free, low in sugar and fat, non-GMO, and vegan.


Gluten, Go Away

Even with the best intentions on a gluten-free diet, some gluten may slip through. Bricker Labs
GlutnGo features Tolerase G, an enzyme that inactivates hidden gluten found in gluten-free diets. It works by degrading gluten in the human gastrointestinal tract and digesting the immunogenic parts of gluten. Although not intended to replace a gluten-free diet and not suitable to treat or prevent celiac disease, you can worry less about any covert gluten in your food or mild gluten intolerances.

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Bricker Labs is giving away sample packets (3 capsules per packet) to the first 100 readers who respond to this offer. To enter, email your name and address to info@brickerlabs.com with "Better Nutrition" as the subject line.


Add Some Spice to Your Life

Sip your way to great health with Temple Turmeric Super Blends, rich in the anti-aging spice turmeric. These decadent and satisfying "drinkable meals" feature Hawaiian Oana turmeric (raw, organic, whole-root turmeric from Hawaii), along with superfood ingredients such as raw honey, bee pollen, ginger, and plant-based fats. Choose from five turmeric-spiced flavors: Golden Mylk, Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee, Matcha Latte, Mexican Chocolate, and Holiday Spiced Lassi. Discover the healing, anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric in these good-for-you (and oh-so-good!) beverages, an especially cozy treat for autumn.


Remarkable Results

Mychelle Dermaceuticals Remarkable Retinal Serum has been clinically shown to reduce fine lines by an impressive 42% and redness by 70%. Retinal (scientifically known as retinaldehyde) is the "gold standard" form of topical vitamin A, recognized by the FDA as an antiaging ingredient. Orange plant stem cells and ceramides, which work synergistically to diminish age spots, repair sun damage, and refine pores, are added as well to this powerhouse serum. A specially designed airless pump maximizes the product's performance.

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MyChelle Dermaceuticals is giving away 15 bottles of Remarkable Retinal Serum to Better Nutrition readers. To enter, email your name and address to community@mychelle.com, with "Better Nutrition" as the subject line. Winners will be selected at random.


Fizzy, Feel-Good Drinks

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Fizzy Drink Mixes are bursting with good-for-the-gut ingredients and refreshing flavor-choose from Raspberry Lemonade or Mixed Berry. Just add water for a delicious sparkling drink formulated with five digestive-rebalancing and immune-boosting probiotic strains. These easy-to-use individual packets are also gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free, with no artificial ingredients.


American Health KidStiks.

“Fall” in Love

Fall is in the air with these new products—probiotics for back to school, cozy pot pies, immune-boosting vitamin E, and more.

Bonafide Provisions Organic Soups with Bone Broth

Falling for It

A new crop of exciting products is here, like creamy bone broth soups and aromatherapy body wash.