The Best Waffles

We are willing to bet that these brown rice waffles will win you over.

Those who can't tolerate gluten know that a tender yet crispy waffle can be hard to come by. Many gluten-free waffles are either too dry, too gummy, or contain sketchy ingredients-they're not exactly the breakfast of champions. But a simple combination of gluten-free starches, brown rice flour, and a teaspoon of xanthan gum yields waffles with a delicate center and a crispy, crunchy exterior that also happen to be egg- and dairy-free.

View our Brown Rice Waffles Recipe

Tip: For homemade toaster waffles, double the recipe and freeze the extras.



Oh Happy Day!

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A Taste of the Wild: Rice

If you're looking for something different this holiday season, try wild rice. Sometimes called "the caviar of all grains," naturally gluten-free wild rice has a distinctive earthy flavor that's a natural for creating dishes that taste more gourmet than those made out of brown or white rice.


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