Vitamin Angels

Angels Among Us

Vitamin Angels, a U.S.-based nonprofit, travels to some of the poorest and most remote corners of the globe to delivery lifesaving vitamins and hope. Monica, a beautiful 29-year-old mother of four from Guatemala, noticed the difference in her third child right away.

Pumpkin CheeseCake recipe.

Vegan Cheese

It’s easier than you might think to make full-flavored vegan cheeses—a new book shows you how.

Check thyroid levels

Another hidden cause of colds and flu? Low thyroid levels. If you feel like you are always battling a cold, flu, or some other illness, get your thyroid checked.

Take Vitamin D

Do you catch colds or the flu easily? One possible cause may be low levels of vitamin D. Ask your doctor to test your vitamin D in your next blood test.