You're Never Too Old



Being physically fit and eating a heart-healthy diet can each cut risk for heart disease in half.

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The latest evidence on the best diet, exercise, and heart supplements—even if you take prescription drugs to reduce harmful blood clots, cholesterol, or blood pressure.

More than 86 percent of our healthcare dollars are spent on managing chronic conditions, rather than addressing and resolving their root causes.

History Lessons

How America’s natural healing movement survived near destruction and paved the road to true health.


Can You Separate Fat from Fiction?

Once a dietary pariah, fat has gained a healthy aura-if it's the right kind. Omega-3 fats, which make up a vital part of every cell membrane and are good for the heart, joints, brain, and virtually every aspect of health, are especially beneficial. So, how well do know your fats? Take our quiz to find out


Protein Pros

Find out how protein keeps you lean and healthy. Plus, check out portable and delicious options.


Healthy History

The natural products industry began to take shape about 75 years ago, as America's quest for better health was gathering steam. Since then, independent health food stores have propelled that movement into an indispensable part of our culture.