Protein Pros

Find out how protein keeps you lean and healthy. Plus, check out portable and delicious options.


Can You Separate Fat from Fiction?

Once a dietary pariah, fat has gained a healthy aura-if it's the right kind. Omega-3 fats, which make up a vital part of every cell membrane and are good for the heart, joints, brain, and virtually every aspect of health, are especially beneficial. So, how well do know your fats? Take our quiz to find out

Do you have low thyroid?

Feed Your Thyroid

Feeling tired, run-down, or just plain old? You could be lacking nutrients that keep this key gland functioning properly.


Weight-loss Roundup

Supplements work in many different ways to enhance the benefits of a healthy weight-loss diet and exercise. Try one or more that match your needs, or look for a formula that combines complementary ingredients.


Bone Appetite

Give your dog or cat the healthiest cuisine possible. Plus, essential supplements for pets