Enhance Your Brain Power

Young or old, who doesn’t want to have more brain power?

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If you cringe when you can’t remember someone’s name, forget things easily, or just feel foggy and unfocused at times, we have something for you—Enhance Your Brain Power. First off, this eBook is free (so how can you say no to that?). Second, it’s filled with the latest brain health research and information on what it takes to keep your brain healthy. And third, we’ve included easy-to-make recipes that nourish your noggin. Take your mental game to new heights and give your brain what it craves most—the right mix of nutrients, lifestyle habits, and mental fitness.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • The Story of Prevagen: A Unique Brain Booster
  • How the Brain Works
  • 8 Smart Ways to Maintain Your Brain
  • 9 Foods for Brain Health
  • Recipes: Berry-Chia Overnight Breakfast Bowl; Quinoa, Kale, & Sweet Potato Salad; Simple Pan-Seared Salmon with Broccoli; and more!
  • Train Your Brain: Mental Exercises
  • Resource Guide: Genius Books, Apps, and Websites

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