5 “Super Boost” Recipes

Tired of smoothies? Add powerful booster foods to a variety of different dishes, to supercharge every meal using health food store products like flaxseed oil, goji berries, and spirulina powder.
Chopped Kale

Some suggestions to get you started:

1. Supercharged Salad

Toss together chopped kale, dried goji, dried cranberries, and chopped almonds; whisk together berry concentrate, olive oil, flax oil (and/or sesame and sunflower oil), and balsamic vinegar, drizzle over salad, and toss to mix.

2. Raw Cashew-Coconut Cookies

Combine dried goji berries, flax seeds, raisins, and cashews in a small food processor or coffee grinder, and grind together into a thick paste. Add enough shredded coconut to make the mixture easy to handle, form into balls and flatten into cookies. Decorate the top of each with goji berries.

3. Greens Extreme Sparkling Tea

Brew extra-strong green tea; stir in chlorella and spirulina powder until dissolved. Combine with blueberry concentrate, sweeten to taste with raw organic honey and chill. Combine with sparkling water, and serve cold.

4. Maqui-Mango Ice Cream

Combine coconut milk, maqui juice, mango cubes, green foods protein powder, and raw, organic honey to taste; purée until creamy, process in an ice cream maker, and garnish with fresh mint.

Dried Super Foods

5. Cocoa Power Bars

Grind goji berries, green foods powder, berry powder, FOS powder, chia seeds, dates and raw cacao nibs in a small food processor or coffee grinder to make a thick paste. Add enough chocolate-flavored green foods powder to make the mixture easy to handle, and form into bars.



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Beyond The Blender

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