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Health Experts

Interview with Sonia Satra: Reset your Mindset

Actress, CEO and motivational speaker Sonia Satra is scaling mountains—literally and figuratively—with a “mindset reset.”

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Whether embodying feministicon Gloria Steinem or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, actress and life/fitness coach Sonia Satra preaches the power of movement.

“If your body is moving, your brain is active and alive, and you’re keeping your whole self energized, and motivated,” says Satra, who split her time in 2017 expanding her “motivational exercise” program Moticise and playing Steinem in the Amazon docuseries American Playboy. “The body in movement unlocks a lot of thoughts, ideas, and possibilities, creating a movement in your life,” says the former Guiding Light and One Life to Live star.

Satra encourages men and women to apply the mental techniques from her Moticise DVD Mindset Reset to realign with their wellness, fitness, business, and life goals. “Imagine what you really want, and how you can take the actions to make it happen.” Satra did just that last fall when embarking on a hike to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit. “I connected to the vision of what I wanted—reaching the top. I did affirmations over and over: ‘I’m healthy and strong. I can endure.’ It made a difference. I made it!”

Here are some of the natural products that fuel Satra’s mind and body:


Satra takes a daily dose of this good bacteria with two cups of water when waking at 5:45 a.m. This boost in gut flora “aids in digestion, immune system, and mood.”

Vitamin B Complex

“Since I tend [to lean] toward a vegan diet, I need this to supply the vitamins I would normally get from meat. It’s also good for energy and bone health.”

Vega Sport Protein Powder

“I put it in protein shakes or smoothies when I’m really rushed, or if I need a pick-
me-up. I’m not crazy about substituting meals with shakes, so I don’t do it often.”

Udo’s Oil

“I drink a shot of it with apple or pineapple juice. Udo’s is a powerhouse of nutrients, especially omega-3s, which are good for body function and for your hair and skin.”

Vega Sport Preworkout Energizer

“I use this especially while rehearsing or planning out new Moticise workouts. It gives me a big boost, helps me focus and stay energized throughout the workout. It has caffeine in it, though, so I use it strategically.”

Vitamin D

“I don’t get enough from the sun all year round, so I take vitamin D for immune system and bone health.” 

Fuel Your Life

Nutrition keeps Satra moving in thought and in action. “The more we learn about the gut, the more we see it’s connected to the brain and mind,” says the fitness company CEO and award-winning motivational speaker. “Everything in your body is connected, so what you put into it absolutely has an effect on your mindset, feelings, motivation and creativity.” After a cup of coffee and a 45- to 60-minute morning workout, the mom of two whips up “some combination of eggs, salad, nuts, green juice, quinoa, peas, almond milk, and flax seeds” to energize mind and body. “I always find a way to have a green and a protein in the morning. On days I don’t have a green juice, I’ll have a salad for breakfast—trust me, it’s good—or a protein smoothie with a ton of spinach in it.” A cup of tea with almond milk, lots of water, and a salad with nonmeat protein keeps her creative juices flowing. And a hot meal at dinner keeps family time warm and cozy. “Our go-to meals include fish, veggies, quinoa, brown rice, stir-fry, fajitas with mushrooms and guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes, lentils, sweet potato fries and spaghetti squash with tomatoes, onions, olives, and maybe some feta cheese—although I try to steer away from dairy.” At night, “I’ll have a little dark chocolate or fruit. I always want some dessert!”