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In the Spotlight: Linda Evans

The Dynasty icon embraces mind-body wellness to stay active and centered at 74.

She made 40 fit and fabulous as Krystle Carrington on the ’80s TV hit Dynasty. But after a recent bout with back pain and depression, actress Linda Evans found renewed health by nourishing her mind, body, and soul. “Meditation is the best wellness pill that exists,” she says. “Taking time to create an inner sense of peace and well-being is how I start each day. When I’m centered, I face the day with clarity.”

Embracing the link between science and spirit helped Evans heal. “There are so many stressors in life that adversely affect our health,” she adds. “[The Biology of Belief author] Bruce Lipton’s research on mind-body connection—that our genes are affected by our thinking—changed my understanding of life. I’ve always believed this to be true. Wellness is
a state of mind as much as it is a condition in our bodies. When I seek healing, I set an intention to deepen the relationship between my mind, body, and spirit.”

An expanded focus on nutrition also fortified Evans’ overall health. “I look for dishes rich with nutrition that bolsters the integrity, resilience, and optimal function of every cell in my body.” 

Supporting Supplements

  • Bone Broth: “Everyone knows the world’s best source of natural collagen is bone broth. As we age, it’s so important to support our body’s longevity by protecting joints and having healthy bone mineral density. It’s also so good for the gut and strengthens our immune systems. I drink chicken broth like tea. I can feel the good it does for me.”
  • Colloidal Silver: “When I need antiviral and antibacterial support, I reach for colloidal silver. It’s very effective at eliminating infection with its immune-boosting benefits.”
  • B-Complex Vitamins: “To maintain my energy levels, I take a full spectrum of B vitamins—key nutrients in nerve health, heart wellness, and even healthy skin and hair.”
  • Magnesium: “In the evenings, I take magnesium to support relaxation of my mind and muscles. It also has a nerve-calming effect that makes my sleep feel restful and deep.”