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Savor Tea Like Vintage Wine

“Tea is parallel to wine,” says Anthony Capobianco, founder and CEO of Zen Tea Traders and an expert who travels the world in search of the finest single-origin teas-each from a specific estate rather than being a blend. “The flavor varies from one year to another, like vintage wines,” he says. Brewed right, estate teas exude unique flavors and aromas of distant origins and appeal to multiple senses. This, says Capobianco, is the way to brew:

Hot brew: Water temperature varies, depending on the type of tea, but never pour boiling water onto tea (except herbal), as it brings out too much bitterness.

Use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8-ounce cup for hot teas, and 2 teaspoons per cup for herbal, cold-brewed, or iced tea.

Vital Tea Tip

Never microwave water, as it will produce a flat, dull-tasting tea.