Springtime Selections

As winter winds down, get ready to swing into spring with these exciting new products.
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1. Use Your Noodle

If you love Ramen noodle bowls, you’re in for a treat. Blount Fine Foods has introduced a new line of ready-to-eat, Asian-inspired bowls: Vegetable Rice Bowl, Coconut Chicken & Noodle Bowl, Hibachi Chicken & Rice Bowl, and Chicken Ramen Bowl. These are great for a fast lunch or dinner—just pop in the microwave for three minutes. All of the chicken is raised without antibiotics, and the line features one vegetarian and two gluten-free options. The broth has a rich flavor, thanks to the mix of spices, including garlic, ginger, red onion, and red peppers.

Blount Fine Foods Ramen noodle bowls

Blount Fine Foods Ramen noodle bowls

2. In the Black

Give your health—particularly your mood and memory—a boost with New Chapter Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder. Made with black seed oil, lion’s mane, aloe, and turmeric, this vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO blend is designed to relieve occasional stress, help improve memory, and promote a healthy mood. It’s fermented with clinically studied probiotics and whole foods, which makes it easier to digest. Add to smoothies, juices, and recipes.

New Chapter Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder

New Chapter Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder

3. Hair So Soft

Remember hot oil treatments popular in the ’70s and ’80s? Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Hot Oil Hair Treatment Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil is a natural version made with a deeply nourishing smoothing complex. Use to minimize damage, boost shine, repair split ends, prevent breakage, and seal in moisture. All Giovanni products are made with natural fragrances and essential oils, and are free of the toxic chemicals such as phthalates and sodium sulfate (SLS).

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Hot Oil Hair Treatment Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Hot Oil Hair Treatment Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil

4. Radiant Beauty

Bluebonnet, known for high-quality supplements, has come out with a line of beauty-enhancing products—BeautifulAlly. Whether you want to revitalize your hair, grow stronger nails, or improve the look of your skin, there’s a formula here for you. From left: Hyaluronic Acid, which helps boost moisture levels in the skin and promote a more youthful look; Collagen Caplets and Collagen Hydrolyzed Powder, both featuring types l and lll collagen for hair, skin, and nail health; Hair, Skin & Nails, a mutlivitamin-style blend with biotin, MSM, keratin, and collagen; and Biotin 10,000 mcg, a high-dose, yeast-free form of the beauty nutrient.

Bluebonnet BeautifulAlly

Bluebonnet BeautifulAlly

5. Can’t Beet It!

You don’t have to be a beet lover to reap the health benefits of beets. Nature’s Answer Whole Beets is a cherry-flavored powder that improves circulation via beet’s nitric oxide-boosting properties. Many people also report increased energy levels when taking beet supplements. This version is made using a probiotic fermentation process, which optimizes nitric oxide precursors. One scoop has just 20 calories and 1 gram sugar (the powder is sweetened with stevia). It mixes easily in water, juice, or smoothies. Plus, it’s certified organic and non-GMO.

Nature’s Answer Whole Beets

Nature’s Answer Whole Beets


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