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Revitalize your diet and health routine with CBD chocolate bars, prebiotic powder, and more!

1. It’s All Connected

Country Life Gut Connection “connects” the gut to your individual health issues. These formulas (eight total) help balance your gut microbiome by boosting your existing probiotics with whole-food fermentate. Your healthy stomach lining is then able to efficiently absorb the supplement’s clinically studied ingredients, including EpiCor (a dried yeast fermentate) and Cognivia (a sage extract for mental focus). Choose from Weight Balance, Mood Balance, Sleep Balance, Digestive Balance, Cognitive Balance, Stress Balance, Immune Balance, and Energy Balance.

Country Life Gut Connection

2. Spread the News

Are you a nut butter lover who’s on a keto diet? Most nut butters contain sugar or honey, making them off-limits on a keto diet. NuttZo Keto Butter lets you enjoy all the creamy goodness of nut and seed butters without the carbs. The ingredient list is simple and free of sweeteners: almonds, coconut, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and Celtic sea salt. Sounds kinda amazing, right? Keto crackers, celery sticks, fat bombs, and protein shakes are just a few ways to enjoy this superfood spread.

NuttZo Keto Butter

3. Show Your True Colors

Jane Iredale Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain is one of those beauty finds that you’ll want to share with all your friends. It’s a multipurpose stain that provides long-lasting, custom color to lips and cheeks. The dewy stain uses all-natural ingredients to enhance natural coloring—adjusting to the body’s chemistry to flatter skin undertone. All sales go to support Look Good Feel Better and other organizations that benefit women, girls, and animals.

Jane Iredale Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

4. Bliss Out

Talk about a match made in heaven: Organic Peruvian cacao meets handcrafted, full-spectrum hemp CBD in Momos CBD BEAN to BLISS BAR. This is some seriously good chocolate! And it’s further enhanced with calming CBD. You can’t taste the CBD—just rich chocolate. The bar comes in three flavors: Vanilla Raspberry, Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt (Mint Cacao Crunch is coming soon). Everything is ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, and non-GMO.


5. Full Throttle

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, a popular high-performance food, beverage, and content brand, has launched Innerfuel Prebiotic. Asprey, who created Bulletfproof coffee, discovered that adding prebiotics to his morning brew kept him feeling fuller, longer. Bulletproof coffee already supports satiety because it’s loaded with good fats, but prebiotics take it to the next level. Prebiotics, naturally found in certain foods, feed good bacteria. Innerfuel uses clinically backed, flavorless prebiotics to support balanced gut bacteria and digestive health. 

Bulletproof Innerfuel Prebiotic