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Sweet Dreams

Bedtime light exposure from tablets or smart phones, jet lag, and working later hours are just a few modern causes of disruptions to our sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. Melatonin helps regulate this cycle, but our bodies' natural production of this key hormone decreases as we age. Now there's a sweet way to help combat sleep disruptions: Carlson Melatonin Gummies, in Strawberry flavor, make a great "nightcap" before bed. Each gummy has 2.5 mg of melatonin to promote relaxation and a healthy sleep pattern. Wake up feeling refreshed.


Defend and Detoxify

Glutathione is an antioxidant made by every cell in the body. It gobbles up free radicals, helps guard against oxidative stress, and promotes immune health and detoxification-an impressive list of benefits. Certain things deplete glutathione levels, including a poor diet, toxins, trauma, and infections. NOW Foods Glutathione 500 mg includes a healthy dose of this potent antioxidant, along with milk thistle (an herbal liver aid) and alpha-lipoic acid (an antioxidant that supports liver health). Use it for liver health, stress reduction, and optimal immunity.


Clear Choices

Acure Acne Spot Treatment and Clarifying Acne Glycolic + Zinc Towelettesare a fantastic acne-fighting duo. The Acne Spot Treatment contains 2 percent salicylic acid, which goes to the root cause of blemishes, while Poet's narcissus (a variety of daffodil) stem cells help lighten and brighten the skin's appearance. Apply at night after cleansing and directly to blemishes throughout day as needed. The towelettes are a great way to gently refresh skin and remove makeup, dirt, sweat, and toxins anytime. The unscented wipes won't clog pores, and argan oil helps to maintain a healthy moisture balance. No rinsing necessary-simply cleanse and go.


A Better Bone Broth

Bone broth is rich in minerals, collagen, and other nutrients, but in hot summer weather, a cup of hot broth may be the last thing you want. Now you can get the benefits of bone broth protein in a convenient powder form. Meet Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein. This gut-friendly, easy-to-digest line of powders can be mixed with water, juice, or almond, cashew, or coconut milks; or added to smoothies or your favorite recipes-even hummus, quinoa, or brown rice. Choose from four flavors: Pure (a neutral-tasting powder with no carbs or sugars); Turmeric (with 750 mg of turmeric and zero carbs and sugars); Vanilla (low in carbs and sugars); and Chocolate (also low in carbs and sugars). Each Paleo-friendly mix has 20 grams of protein per serving. Bone broth supports healthy skin, joints, muscles, detoxification, and more.

try it! Ancient Nutrition is giving away 8 containers of Bone Broth Protein (2 containers of each flavor) to Better Nutrition readers! To enter, email your name and address to Please put "Bone Broth Protein" in the subject line.


Raise the Bar

We confess: when a large box of Health WarriorSuperfood Protein Bars arrived in our office, we just had to sample-and then resample-every flavor! There are four flavors to try: Peanut Butter Cacao, Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt, Honey Almond (our favorite), and Lemon Goldenberry. All of the bars contain chia, quinoa, pea crisps, and oats, an addictive combination of crunchy, chewy goodness. One serving (a bar) has 10 grams of soy-free plant protein and 5 grams of fibe. Bonus: these bars contain about half the sugar of similar products. They're ideal for breakfast or as an energy-boosting snack.


Dr. Formulated Magnesium Relax & Restore Whole Food Magnesium is a fizzy drink that helps calm and relax your body and mind for a better night’s sleep.

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