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Natural Beauty

Beauty Products Using Secrets of the Sea

The oceans hold many mysteries—including beauty secrets that have been revered for centuries.

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Beauty products infused with elements of the sea have a spa-like quality and boast an abundance of skin-loving nutrients. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Restore your skin overnight with One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum. 

This lightweight oil contains blue sea kale, a marine plant that soothes and revitalizes skin, and protein-rich sea algae, which moisturizes and improves skin tone and firmness. Barbary fig plant stem cells and a botanical active extracted from date seeds plump fine lines and wrinkles.

One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum

2. Relax and ease sore muscles with Farmhouse Fresh Lemongrass Ocean Mineral Bath Soak. 

Fine Atlantic sea salt and pink Himalayan and Epsom mineral salts are scented with stress-relieving organic green tea, lemon myrtle, rosehips, and hibiscus. The water will feel silky and so will your skin.

Farmhouse Fresh Lemongrass Ocean Mineral Bath Soak

3. Repair, nourish, and protect your skin from the sun with MyChelle’s Daily Defense Cream with SPF 17. 

This multitasker combines a moisturizer with sun protection. Astaxanthin from volcanic ocean seaweed strengthens and protects skin against free radicals, while beta-glucan from oats hydrates and soothes, and zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum sun protection.

MyChelle’s Daily Defense Cream with SPF 17

4. The combination of bamboo and pumice gives Sea-el Coconut Kiwi Face Scrub its exfoliation power. 

This spa-like scrub also features a mix of skin-brightening ingredients—fermented kelp, kiwi fruit, coconut oil, green tea powder, and avocado oil. Use it to remove dead skin cells that clog pores and expose new ones for a natural glow.

Sea-el Coconut Kiwi Face Scrub

5. Remove impurities and soften skin with Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Scrub. 

Organic bladderwrack seaweed naturally detoxifies and hydrates. Antioxidant green coffee bean extract helps detoxify. French clay draws impurities from the skin. And walnut shells gently remove dead skin.

Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Scrub

6. Tighten and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes with Acure Brightening Eye Contour. 

Seaweed and hibiscus extracts in this lightweight treatment gel intensely hydrate the delicate eye area. Argan extract, witch hazel, and aloe easily absorb to cool and soothe fragile skin.

Acure Brightening Eye Contour

5 Beauty Product Ingredients from the Ocean

Ancient island cultures knew that soaking in the ocean can improve skin irritations, such as dermatitis and eczema, and help relieve aches and pains. Adding sea salt crystals to a relaxing bath is as popular today with spas worldwide as it was in ancient Roman times.

1 – Minerals

The minerals in seawater help strengthen skin, stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins, and regulate fluid retention. Like most vitamins, minerals are not produced by the body and are gradually lost throughout the day. Since your skin is your largest organ, replenishing minerals is critical to the health of your skin and your health in general.

2 – Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural exfoliator, making it an ideal body scrub to slough off dead skin. Mineral-rich sea salt tossed in a bath or used as a scrub has the added benefits of improving skin tone, balancing its pH, and encouraging skin repair and hydration. Sea salt sprays can also add texture to hair.

3 – Seaweed

Another beauty secret from the oceans is seaweed. This marine miracle naturally cleanses and purifies skin, helping soothe irritation and improve elasticity. It also helps reduce signs of aging by toning, smoothing, moisturizing, and stimulating skin cells.

There are more than 20,000 varieties of seaweed, which contain vitamins A, B, B, C, D, and E, as well as high levels of magnesium and potassium salts. The concentration of trace elements is 10 times greater in seaweed than in soil-grown plants, which is partly due to the abundant mineral content of seawater. Seaweed is a key ingredient in face and body products to manage wrinkles and acne, detox, and moisturize.

4 – Algae

Like seaweed, tiny algae are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins that strengthen and nourish skin. There are many types of algae, including blue-green spirulina, that balance skin’s natural pH, preventing irritation and infection. Algae’s high concentration of beta-carotene defends against free radical damage by creating a barrier of natural sun protection. You’ll find it in a variety of facial masks, cleansers, and moisturizers.

5 – Astaxanthin

Harvested from microalgae and responsible for the pink color of salmon, flamingos, shrimp, and lobster, astaxanthin is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It has been found to be 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C in neutralizing free radicals and 1,000 times more effective than both beta-carotene and lutein in protecting the skin from exposure to UV light. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects soothe irritation, increase moisture retention and elasticity, shrink wrinkles, and lighten age spots. It’s popping up on the ingredient labels of moisturizers and eye creams.