Pure Flower Power

Discover how to boost your mood, increase energy, and ease any number of ails with flower essences and aromatherapy. The power of flower essences and aromatherapy may seem mysterious and miraculous, but science and practitioners promise that they work.

The power of flower essences and aromatherapy may seem mysterious and miraculous, but science and practitioners promise that they work. Both flower essences and aromatherapy's essential oils can help calm anxiety, ease depression, heighten focus-and more.


"Every element, every organ, every system in the body has electric circuits," says Machaelle Wright, developer of Perelandra Essences. "And every level of being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) has its own electric circuits. Perelandra Essences are water-based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from nature that balance, stabilize, and repair weakened or damaged circuits."

According to Wright, the foundation for the body's healing process is its electric system. Flower essences help repair damaged circuits by fusing the electrical patterns from the corresponding essences with the damaged circuits, providing the balance needed for their repair. Flower essences capture the energetic healing imprint of everything from alpine lilies to yarrow. They're bottled in concentrate form in dropper bottles that make it easy to place one drop of a needed essence on your tongue.

Essential oils concentrate on stimulating the part of the brain that affects emotion, which can affect physical and mental well-being.

"The shape of an essential oil molecule is like a key that unlocks the olfactory nerve receptors in our nostrils," says Charlynn Avery, Aura Cacia aromatherapist. "The impression of the aroma is sent directly and immediately to the limbic system. When stimulated, this system releases chemicals that affect the central nervous system. Serotonin counteracts anxiety; endorphins reduce pain. We achieve a calmer state."

How To Use Essential Oils
You can enhance your mental and physical well-being with essential oils by diluting them in almond or jojoba oil for topical use, or by using them in the bath, in personal care products, or with a diffuser. For immediate relief, however, direct inhalation works best. To relieve stress, Avery suggests dripping 2-5 drops of chamomile onto a handkerchief and holding it under your nose while you breathe deeply. Or combine 18 drops of lavender with 1 oz. of water in a mister, and spray four times on your pillow before bedtime for restful sleep.

1. Improve the quality of your mood and your skin with Aura Cacia Pure Aromatherapy. Choose 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil to calm your emotions and your complexion, or 100% Pure Rose Otto Essential Oil, pre-blended with skin-nourishing jojoba oil that also balances your emotions. Each bottle comes with tips and recipes for use.


2. Tap into the various benefits of aromatherapy with pure essential oils and essential oil blends from NOW Essential Oils. The essential oils, such as 100% Pure & Natural Sandalwood, are produced using gentle harvest and extraction methods to preserve the complete essence of the botanical source. Each bottle lists the aroma, benefits, recipe for blending with other essential oils, and extraction method.


3. Faced with issues, challenges, or illness? Turn to Perelandra Essences. Five sets of essences-Rose, Garden, Rose II, Soul Ray, and Nature Program-work together to balance, stabilize, and repair your body's electric system. The electrical patterns contained in each bottle are set in a water-based solution that is preserved with brandy or white vinegar for safety and longevity. Self-testing helps you determine which essences to use.


4. Get natural stress relief with Bach Original Flower Remedies. The popular Rescue Remedy containing five flower essences is available in drops and spray. Rescue Cream, Rescue Balm, and Rescue Gel, using the same five flower essences, soothe and heal irritated damaged skin on your face, hands, and body.



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