Anti-Aging Antioxidants


You've heard about the antioxidant benefits of drinking a glass of wine every day, but you may be surprised to learn how many skin benefits are hidden in a tiny grape seed. First there are polyphenols, which are rich in vitamin E and have the power to strengthen the skin's natural defenses. Grape seed also contains bioflavonoids that strengthen capillaries that carry oxygen to the skin, improving its tone and texture. Research shows that topically applied grape seed extract may have a sunscreen effect, and grape-derived antioxidants may even have cancer-fighting abilities.

Resveratrol, also found in red wine and the skin of dark grapes, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps repair fine lines and wrinkles caused by environmental toxins. Resveratrol and the proanthocyanidins found in grapes also play a role in the stabilization of collagen and the maintenance of elastin in the skin.

It appears that resveratrol exerts its potent antioxidant effects by scavenging existing free radicals and preventing the formation of new ones. Added to skin care products, resveratrol protects against UVA and UVB sun damage and prevents abnormal cell growth. Resveratrol also stimulates collagen synthesis by protecting the skin from harmful enzymes and boosting fibroblasts that create healthy collagen.

Astaxanthin (pronounced "asta-ZAN-thin") is another hardworking antioxidant that fights wrinkles and inflammation. Found mainly in microalgae and seafood, it's what gives wild salmon their characteristic color. Astaxanthin creates a natural barrier against sunlight and other environmental stressors, and increases skin elasticity and moisture retention.

1. Protect color-treated hair from sun damage with Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Shampoo and Conditioner. Organic Italian grape leaf extract, grape seed extract, and resveratrol from grapes-all rich in antioxidants-act as UV filters, strengthen strands, add shine, and leave your hair smelling as sweet as fresh concord grapes.


2. Smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes with Derma e Age-Defying Eye Crème. Astaxanthin, Pycnogenol, and vitamins C and E provide powerful antioxidant defense against lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Macadamia seed oil, panthenol, and allantoin moisturize and smooth delicate, dry skin.


3. Enhance your skin from the inside out with Tangut Resvene. This beauty-boosting formula contains Chilean red wine extract, antioxidant-rich quercetin, and trans-resveratrol (considered by experts to be the best form). Use to help improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles, support collagen production, and lighten brown spots.


4. Prevent premature aging and protect your skin from damage with Sukî Radical Results Youth Serum. This highly concentrated serum is packed with resveratrol, vitamins C and A (retinol), CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, and rose concentrate to nourish skin and fight free radical oxidation and the appearance of lines and wrinkles.




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