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Natural Living

Suzanne Somers Interview: Her Secrets for Aging Well

Actress-turned-author Suzanne Somers is looking great at 73. In this exclusive interview, she dishes about her latest book, "A New Way to Age,” organic gardening, and her love of cooking.

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In the March issue of Better Nutrition, actress-turned-author—and two-time cancer survivor—Suzanne Somers shares revelations from her new book, A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging, in which she interviews forward-thinking doctors and scientists about the latest breakthroughs in natural health poised to help us live long, vital lives. Here is a preview of her interview:

Better Nutrition: How does A New Way to Age challenge the way we view aging?

Suzanne Somers: Most people dread aging, and why not? The present paradigm is decrepit, frail, with one of the big three diseases, and eventually ending up in a nursing home not knowing who you are or who you were. What a lousy way to wrap up a beautiful life.

I know people are most comfortable practicing allopathic medicine, meaning here’s the symptom and here’s the drug for that symptom. It’s what we know, it’s what we are comfortable with, and in many cases, it’s what we’ve grown up with.

A New Way to Age is for people like me who first want to try the natural route and not be given drug after drug. At present, I believe “allopathic only” has hit the wall. I mean, how many foreign molecules can the human body entertain before the body finally reacts violently?

I believe in going natural first. If it doesn’t work then you can always switch to Western medicine—but it’s really hard to do it in the other direction.


BN: How are bioidentical hormones a game-changer in anti-aging?

SS: We all have hormones—both men and women. In today’s world we start declining at earlier ages and with that decline comes disease and bodily break-down. By putting back (determined by lab work) what you’ve lost through aging, stress, or toxicity, you can rebalance the body and thereby maintain quality of life.

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Imagine having energy and vitality and what I call “juice” right up to the very end? Imagine not ending up frail, decrepit, or unable to bring your body back to balance because you didn’t think it—aging—would happen to you? The healthier you can keep yourself, the better your chances of being able to win and heal are. I’m not saying any of us are powerful enough to stave off all of the diseases around today, but if your body is in its highest state of health you’ve got the best chance.

BN: You have an organic garden and a love of cooking. Which foods support your quest for healthy aging?

SS: I always say, if you can pick it, pluck it or milk it, but it also must be organic, grown in high-quality organic soil with nutrients like humic and fulvic acid (I explain in the book), which replaces all the vital minerals and nutrients. None of us know where our food comes from anymore. I stress the importance of growing everything, even if it’s a window box of herbs. It connects you to nature and gives a sense of fresh and flavorful, providing satisfaction.

BN: What other cutting-edge advances discussed via interviews in your book are poised to increase the quality and length of life?

SS: I approach each book much like a student with no preconceived notion other than curiosity. Ironically, and it always happens with each book, a collective theme emerges. It’s the evolved growth of the “thinkers.”

Cellular health emerged as a theme in this book. I discovered another amazing supplement called Senolytic Activator, which cleans out “cellular debris.” Imagine the pipes in your house are all funky and loaded with garbage. Your pipes wouldn’t work very well, the water wouldn’t flow. By taking two Senolytic capsules once a week you can “clean out your cells.” And it’s affordable—about $8 a week. Senolytic Activator is able to activate ATP, which then activates the mitochondria (the energy center of your cells) and cleans out your cellular debris. Over time you experience not only healthy cells but great energy and what I call “juice.”

Remember this: cancer is about poor cellular health, so connect the dots. It’s a small price to pay for this “insurance.”