Another necktie? A wilted supermarket bouquet? Your folks deserve better than that!
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Another necktie? A wilted supermarket bouquet? Your folks deserve better than that! This Mother’s and Father’s Day, gift packages including quality, all-natural bath and beauty treats are sure to be appreciated.

Choose products that use pure essential oils (extracted from flowers, fruits, and plants) as fragrance rather than synthetic scents that dry and irritate skin. Aromatic essential oils also have subtle restorative effects on the mind and emotions. And natural moisturizers like coconut oil not only smell delicious, but also deeply nourish and hydrate skin.

For Mom

Pure Coconut Body Scrub


Like those used in decadent spa treatments at high-end spas, this luxe body scrub instantly sloughs away dead skin cells and infuses skin with moisture for a soft, smooth, healthy, and vibrant glow. 100% PURE COSMETICS Coconut Body Scrub is highly concentrated with skin- nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins, and features organic rosehip and apricot oils that deeply moisturize and nourish. It’s truly 100% pure—no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol, or any other toxins.

Andalou Naturals Blossom & Leaf Toning Refresher


This mist-on refresher not only rejuvenates all skin types and fits into any skin routine, but is on the cutting edge of natural cosmetic science. ANDALOU NATURALS Blossom & Leaf Toning Refresher blends nature and knowledge, using advanced fruit stem cell science, renewing skin at the cellular level for visible age-defying results. Organic aloe vera polysaccharides replenish vital moisture to hydrate, soothe, and soften. Fruit stem cells and vitamin C effectively slow cellular damage, stimulating circulation and healthy cell renewal, as uplifting geranium tones for a dewy, beautifully balanced complexion.

Desert Essence Organics Body Care


Thirsty skin will drink in DESERT ESSENCE ORGANICS Coconut Hand and Body Lotion. This luscious lotion has already earned a devoted following for its incredible scent and super-emollient but non-greasy feel. It rejuvenates the senses with hints of organic coconut oil and organic passion fruit extract. At the same time, tropical extracts and oils provide deep nourishment to dry skin, and organic coconut oil penetrates skin and helps repair free radical damage. Organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil provide intense moisture, leaving skin feeling smooth and silky.

For Dad

Aubrey Organics Shaving Cream


You know those creamy-thick shave creams they use in old-timey barbershops? That’s what you get with AUBREY ORGANICS Men’s Stock North Woods Shave Cream, with 100% natural ingredients for a comfortable shave without aerosol or harsh chemical skin irritants. It features organic avocado oil and wheat germ oil to help the razor glide smoothly; witch hazel to soothe irritation; and camphor, menthol, and organic eucalyptus to cool and invigorate. Plus, vitamin C, carrot root extract, and aloe help nourish, moisturize and prevent razor stubble.

At Last Naturals Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic


AT LAST NATURALS Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic is a modern take on classic aftershave. It soothes and invigorates skin with moisturizing organic aloe, calendula, and chamomile extracts, and is alcohol free. After cleansing and/or shaving, apply a liberal amount with a cotton ball or splash over entire face and neck—you’ll feel confident and ready for anything!

Out of Africa Shea Buter


OUT OF AFRICA Unscented Organic Shea Butter, packaged in a convenient tin and free of flowery perfumes, is an all-in-one solution for dry skin on face, lips, elbows, heels or anywhere skin needs hydration. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins A, E, fatty acids and valuable phytonutrients, this natural formula penetrates deeply to moisturize and protect against premature aging. It helps soften fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, and is even effective for skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema.



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