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Natural Living

Six Firsts in Natural Beauty

This month, Kat shares six of her favorite products on the cutting edge of natural beauty.

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5 Natural Cosmetic Trends

  • Pressure to use new paraben- and toxin-free food-grade preservatives has spawned new preservatives that meet that criterion, such as the new Sali Natural CCL (a curry leaf and cinnamon-based preservative) or gluconolactone- and sodium benzoate-containing preservatives, such as the new Geogard Ultra.
  • recently reported a current trend toward seeking functional natural colorants that offer benefits such as UV and antioxidant protection.
  • Mintel, a market research group reported that cosmetics with fair-trade ingredients-especially those that are locally sourced (not from far-off lands, as açai and goji berries are) will soon come into vogue.
  • The research company Kline recently reported that average market growth of botanical actives used in cosmetics stands at 8 percent, compared with 5.4 percent average growth for other specialty actives because of consumer demand for natural products, and because botanicals have finally shaken their reputation as being inferior to synthetics by industry or consumers.
  • also reported that more botanical ingredient suppliers are focused on botanical “actives” with functions supported by clinical research.

The following six products have broken new ground in their categories.

1. The first nontoxic, permanent hair color
One of the biggest product breakthroughs I’ve come across over the past year has been the introduction of the first nontoxic permanent hair color from Act By Nature. Until last year, most “natural” permanent hair colors still contained PPD, or p-phenylenediamine, which has been implicated in studies as a compound that increases the risk of certain cancers. Those who love harmony with our bodies and nature would consider this nanotechnology the cosmetic breakthrough of the decade. Look for finished products using Act By Nature’s innovative, sustainable pigment technologies at your favorite health food store in
coming months.

2. The first premium chocolate vitamin for acne
I researched and shared some of the compelling benefits of certain vitamins for acne in my book, The Truth About Beauty, and listed some products based on this research. Recently, this and other nutritional research on acne and its hormonal, nutritional, and stress-related roots, has been incorporated into Frutels, a premium all-natural, sugar-free, high-grade, dark chocolate containing a proprietary, patent-pending blend of vitamins for acne. Many of the nutrients contained in Frutels are water-soluble and will improve acne with frequent use, spread out over the day (so, two to four pieces a day are recommended).

3. The first stick foundations and eye shadows to hit mineral makeup
Loose powder formulations in mineral makeup-many of which contain a harmful chemical called bismuth oxychloride-have made up the vast majority of mineral makeup selections. Until recently, cake formulations were my favorite in this category. Now MyChelle Dermaceuticals has
introduced a full line of creamy stick foundations, blushes, and eye shimmers, among other great color cosmetics.

The colors and long-wearing creamy texture (crease-resistant) are sophisticated enough for my makeup bag, with eye shimmers in Blaze (a smoky mauve color) and Drama (a deep raisin brown color) being my favorites of the bunch.

4. The first sustainable botanical-based-not mineral-based-cosmetics
Leave it to Aubrey Organics to innovate a new degree of sustainability with regard to natural color cosmetics. They’ve introduced the first silk-based (not a silkworm harmed because only short-strand silk is harvested) powder blushes and foundations colored with botanicals, such as cinnamon bark, beet root, and radish. The colors go on strong, yet translucent, with lots of shimmering options younger women will love.

5. The first topical oil to beautify you from the inside out
Topically applied, magnesium has many benefits, such as enhancing the skin’s barrier function, promoting skin regeneration, and reducing inflammation (great for rashes). Most of us are deficient in this mineral. Did you know that magnesium oil is absorbed via the skin? Here’s what this means: by applying magnesium chloride-based oil topically, you get the nutritional benefits of oral magnesium. It is compelling to note that the benefits of magnesium include the following:

  • Calms your nervous system, and reduces pain and muscle cramps
  • Significantly helps to detoxify your body
  • Improves blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac health
  • Increases natural DHEA levels (a major antiaging perk)
  • Nourishes adrenal glands (which could lighten undereye circles)
  • Helps regulate serotonin levels, resulting in better moods

Ancient Minerals has introduced a premium magnesium oil from the ancient Zechstein Sea bed in Northern Europe. It was actually one of my program attendees who raved about this oil to me. What a find!

6. The first long-lasting water-based nail polish
Suncoat, Acquarella, and Honeybee Gardens have nearly perfected this almost impossible category with their dibutyl phthalate-, toluene-, and formaldehyde-free nail color lines. These have been around for a few years and continue to improve. Many women who have really gotten it together in other areas of health and self care have left their nails behind in the mission for finding health alternatives. I hope you will step up and come clean with your manicures. This is a big one and can have a huge impact on your skin and propensity for rashes.

Hard to believe, but these five trends have been identified and reported in the mainstream cosmetic industry. That means you can visit your natural products store’s cosmetics aisle for a peek at the future!