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Skin-Saving Calendula

Have a cut that won't heal? Dry, flaky skin? Minor burn? Calendula can come to the rescue.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is one of the most versatile natural skin remedies around. It has been used since at least the 12th century to heal wounds and skin irritations, including dry or chapped skin, minor burns, cuts and scrapes, rashes, acne, eczema, athlete's foot, and insect bites.


Calendula, also known as pot marigold, contains high amounts of flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants that protect cells from free-radical damage. Calendula fights inflammation, viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections. Scientific studies have shown that extracts of calendula can speed the healing of wounds and burns by increasing blood flow to the affected area and promoting the production of collagen, which helps the body replace damaged tissue.

Calendula's soothing and moisturizing properties help protect skin from premature aging and thinning and even blemishes. It also improves hydration and firmness, and is gentle enough to use on delicate skin and babies.

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Nurture sensitive skin with Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream. This gentle cream calms, moisturizes, and protects your baby's face-and yours-with a 96 percent organic mixture of biodynamic calendula flower extract, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, and pure beeswax. The light natural scent will remind you of the delicate marigold.


Cleanse sensitive and dehydrated skin with Badger Unscented Face Cleansing Oil. Organic calendula extract reduces irritation and redness; castor and apricot fruit oils lift dirt and impurities; and olive and sunflower seed oils replenish essential vitamins, fatty acids, and natural oils. This gentle formula dissolves makeup, cleans without stripping or drying skin, and leaves skin feeling balanced and glowing.


Soothe and moisturize your entire body with Boiron Calendula Lotion. Homeopathic calendula works naturally with the body to heal skin irritations. Use it as first aid for sunburn and rashes, or as an everyday hand and body lotion to moisturize dry or sensitive skin.


Add shine, tame frizz, and strengthen hair with John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist. This lightweight spray combines the antioxidant benefits of green tea with soothing and protecting calendula extract. Broccoli seed oil, rich in fatty acids, smoothes frizz and gives hair a natural shine. Chamomile strengthens hair and soothes the scalp. Rosemary stimulates hair growth and adds volume. Soy proteins lock in moisture.



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