3 ways to avoid cavities


Avoid cavities by drinking water and avoiding sugar

3 Ways to Avoid Cavities

Brushing and flossing aren't the only things you can do to avoid cavities, says Roger Lucas, DDS, author of More Chocolate, No Cavities. For kids (and adults), he recommends:

Eat teeth-friendly foods.Starchy foods, as well as added sugars, lead to cavities, whereas fat, protein, and fiber do not. "You don't have to cut all sugar out of your diet to be cavity-free-just be strategic," says Lucas. For example, switch from milk chocolate to 70 percent dark chocolate for higher fat content and less sugar. And snack on string cheese and apple slices instead of pretzels.

Don't graze."Carb-rich foods, plus time on teeth, equals cavities," says Lucas. Have an eating schedule, including meals and snacks, and don't nibble in between.

Make water your drink of choice.It's a solution to the pollution in your mouth, especially if you drink it instead of soda and right after meals and snacks.