Back-to-Basics Fitness Trend

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Smartphones and smart watches make it easy to track physical activity, but low-tech workouts are all the rage when it comes to getting in shape. In a survey of more than 3,400 fitness professionals, the American Council of Sports Medicine found that using your own body weight for resistance is now the most popular type of exercise. Although there are many possible variations, this mini-workout can get you started:

Push ups

Squats: Keeping knees over your toes and your back straight, move your butt backward and down, as though sitting in a chair. Go as low as possible, return to standing position, and repeat.

Jumping Jacks: Do them just like you did as a kid.

Push-Ups: If floor push-ups are too difficult, do them against a wall or with your hands on a countertop, keeping your body in a straight line and stomach muscles pulled in and up.

Depending upon your fitness level, do 10 or more repetitions of each exercise, cycling through all three, one or more times.