Getting Kids Cooking for Life


Want to get your kids interested in healthy food-and cooking? Common Threads can help. The nonprofit has programs to help parents engage kids in food shopping, choices, and preparation. And for teachers, it offers interactive classroom programs for grades three through eight. In urban schools, these are some of the results among students who completed a Common Threads program:

  • 81 percent could identify the components of a healthy meal
  • Over 50 percent began eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Programs cover good nutrition, shopping on a budget, and how food and cooking contribute to different cultures. They are designed to help families cook together and foster awareness and appreciation of healthy food.

A free Cooking for Life Cookbook is available in the "Downloadable PDFs" section of the Common Threads site at



Kids Can Cook

Seven simple (and fun!) ways to get children involved in shopping for and preparing meals. You already know that it's important to teach kids about healthy eating habits.