Joint Supplement Good for the Colon


Glucosamine is popular as a supplement for warding off joint problems. But it turns out that it may also improve colon health. A Japanese animal study, published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers, found that the ingredient, which may be derived from either shellfish or a vegetarian source, mildly reduces inflammation that drives inflammatory bowel diseases. Although it's usually found in pills or powdered supplements, glucosamine may soon be added to sports drinks, other beverages, nutrition bars, and other foods.

Glucosamine colon health



Joint Effort

Some remedies may work better together for arthritis and joint pain. Plus: new and exciting options

Drinking tart cherry juice can relieve joint pain from different types of arthritis. Among healthy endurance athletes, it has reduced pain after a long race.

Quiz: Are Your Joints Healthy?

Joint problems become more common with age, but they aren’t inevitable. A diet that’s low in refined carbs and oils, but rich in anti-inflammatory fats and fresh veggies, helps to keep joints healthy. But there’s more to know. Wondering what? Take our quiz to find out.