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Want GMOs Labelled? Take Action


A grass-roots campaign can prevent federal legislation that would keep GMOS hidden in our food. If enough people support it, GMOs may eventually be disclosed on food labels, but otherwise, "Big Food" will likely win, and we may never know when we're eating genetically modified food. Before last November's election, a pro-GMO bill had been introduced in Washington, nicknamed the DARK Act, an acronym for Deny Americans the Right to Know. This bill was designed to override any state laws demanding GMO labelling. The new Congressional session that began in January started with a clean slate, but lobbyists for multinational agricultural companies continue to work on the issue, and a new DARK Act is expected to be introduced.


If you want GMOs labelled, let your Congressional representatives know. For an easy way to do so, visit ewg.org/take-action.

GMO Stats

  • 93% of Americans support GMO labelling.
  • 64 other countries, including the EU, China, and Russia, require GMOs to be labelled, but the United States does not.

-Environmental Working Group




Say No to GMOs

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Going Against GMOs

October is Non-GMO Month, a perfect time to interview our Food Matters columnist Melissa Diane Smith, author of the new book Going Against GMOs: The Fast-Growing Movement to Avoid Unnatural Genetically Modified "Foods" to Take Back Our Food and Health Q&A with author Melissa Diane Smith.


Test Your GMO Knowledge

GMOs are a hotly debated topic, and concern about their safety has prompted many food manufacturers to use non-GMO ingredients. Some foods or ingredients are labelled as "non-GMO" or certified by the Non-GMO Project (nongmoproject.org). However, there are other ways to tell if a food is likely (or not) to contain GMOs. Do you know how? Take our quiz to find out.