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Healthy Facts


20% less risk for hearing loss among women who eat fish rich in omega-3 fats, twice per week, compared to those who rarely eat it. Fish oil has a similar effect, according to a study that tracked more than 65,000 women for 18 years. Good fish include salmon and small varieties of tuna (which are lower in toxins that older, big tuna).
31% decrease in risk for metabolic syndrome in people who have higher levels of magnesium, compared to those who have the lowest levels. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors, including belly fat, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance, which promotes weight gain and underlies diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Magnesium is found in pills and powders that are easily added to water or juice.
15% of people who derive health benefits from drinking moderate amounts of wine or other alcoholic beverages, according to a study that compared drinking habits of 618 Swedes with heart disease and 3,000 others who were healthy. Those who benefit have specific genes that interact with alcohol in a beneficial way. There's no simple way to tell if you happen to have those genes.



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