High heels hurting your ankles?


Try these exercises

A study of college students found that women who wear high-heeled shoes to classes more than three times a week develop an imbalance in four ankle muscles, which predisposes them to injury. Although high heels seem to strengthen ankle muscles at first, they cause damage over time. The researchers, whose findings were published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, recommend strengthening ankles with these exercises:

  • Walking on your heels
  • Tapping your toes
  • Doing heel raises, by raising yourself onto tip toes and lowering back down



How High Is Your Gluten IQ?

Gluten-free foods are essential for anyone with celiac disease, but many people without the disease prefer to avoid or reduce gluten in their diets. With virtually any type of food available in a gluten-free version, gluten isn't difficult to avoid, but diets can get overly restrictive because of confusion about where gluten does-or doesn't-reside. Take our quiz to check your gluten IQ.