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Potent Anti-Inflammatory Foods


It's no secret that fruits and vegetables contain beneficial nutrients, but some are more potent than others at fighting the chronic inflammation that underlies many major diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. That's what British researchers found when they tested the ability of different foods to reduce age-related chronic inflammation and the development of such diseases. The study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, suggested that older people could benefit from curcumin and resveratrol supplements, and identified the following as especially good anti-inflammatory foods:


Açai berries
Black currants
Green tea
Red, purple,
and black grapes
Whole wheat



Roasted Carrot and Golden Beet Soup

Anti-Aging Foods

Add these super nutritious gems to your diet, and you can look forward to a healthier, happier-and maybe even longer-life. The impossible dream of "living forever" is as old as human history, from the Egyptians preserved in their pyramids to the cryogenic chambers of modern science fiction.


21-Day Anti Aging

Aging well is very much about how you feel every day. Do you have plenty of energy? Are your joints pain-free and flexible? Are your bones strong, so that you maintain a youthful posture? We've put together 21 tips-a 21-Day Challenge of sorts-designed with your longevity in mind.