Stand Up for Your Health-Literally


Standing desks are gaining popularity in an effort to counteract the pitfalls of sitting too much. Studies show that kids think better on their feet, adults reduce health risks, and both burn more calories when standing for part of day.


A study of nearly 300 children by Texas A&M University found that kids participated more, answered more questions, and were less distracted when standing.

A study of 28 office workers by the University of Minnesota found that standing for about half the day left people feeling more relaxed, calm, and energetic, and less tired or sluggish.

To check out how many calories you could burn by standing for part of the day, instead of sitting, download an app at



Tune Up Your Brain

If you have ever forgotten where you left your car keys or drawn a blank on a familiar name, you may have wondered if these “senior moments” were the first subtle signs of age-related memory loss.