Stress-Free Flying


During the holidays, not only are airports more crowded but there are also more flight delays, lost baggage, overbooked seats, and other problems, according to researchers at Wichita State University who have been studying airline quality since 1991. These, they say, are some ways to reduce problems and stress:

  • Try to depart early in the day, as delays have ripple effects, and later flights are more likely to fall behind schedule
  • To reduce the odds of being bumped from an overbooked flight, check in online (up to 24 hours before departure) and get to the gate early
  • For connecting flights, try to choose less congested airports, and allow extra time between flights
  • Hold on to receipts for checked luggage until you retrieve your bags at your final destination
  • Always pack valuables in carry-on bagsFor airline quality reports, visit



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