Chocolate Protein Cookies

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Makes 4 cookies

High Protein Chocolate Cookies

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¼ cup plain or vanilla pea protein powder
1/8 cupcashew or almond butter
2 Tbs. agave syrup
1 Tbs. almond milk
2 squares (20g) chopped 85% dark chocolate

  1. Preheat oven to 320°F. Mix all ingredients together in bowl to make a cookie dough. Taste, and add sweetener of your choice, such as stevia, if desired.
  2. Divide dough into 4 balls, and press onto cookie tray lined with parchment. Bake 8-12 minutes, or until cooked through, but still soft in center.

per serving: 140 cal; 8g pro; 6g total fat (2g sat fat); 13g carb; 0mg chol; 120mg sod; 1g fiber; 9g sugars

From article: Plant Proteins 101



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